Cycle Trials – Radical Bikes, Essex. 3rd April 2016

Cycle Trials – Radical Bikes, Essex. 3rd April 2016

Elite class podium, 1st   Andrei Burton   2nd Steve Rogers   3rd Ryan Crisp
Elite class podium, 1st Andrei Burton 2nd Steve Rogers 3rd Ryan Crisp

Radical Bikes, Chelmsford, Essex Was the venue for the 2nd staged round of the Crowthorne champ Cycle trial,  with sunshine and warmth on the cards and a good entry of riders, in fact the last time we had equalled this number was back in 2012 and that was here so it was going to be good. 

5 routes were laid out, for the younger riders on balance bikes to get them to compete from an early age right up to the Expert elite category. Six sections to be ridden 3 times, except the balance bikethat were to complete just the 2 laps.

Section 7 was an edition which was an obstacle course of balance beams ski jumps and wooden drums, timed by officials with 2 routes with the Novice and beginners opting for the easier route. Overnight rain soon dispersed to allow us to use most of the new stuff that had been placed for this year’s events. 

 Casey Moore - Novice Class
Casey Moore – Novice Class

Section 1. used the tractor tyres laid at an angle then up onto the cotton reels and after this concrete balance beams a good section to start off from to ease them in, as some riders were moving up a class, Joao Gomes (B1K3) on his very first cycle trial with us dropped an unwanted 5 as he was learning the point system. By his return on this section and the next he cleaned them well. Joe Gatnill  (Zoo) got better throughout the trial and was well happy to stand on the 3rd place of the podium at the end just missing 2nd spot by 1 mark which was taken by Perry Meeten (Atomz) on 8 marks, his son Samuel (Monty) taking the win this time.

Section 2.  Concrete pipes some stacked 3 high and laid at angles and with boulders mixed in and also at the very end a line of lorry tyres bolted together. Nice to see Ryan Crisp (B1K3) having fun here and with his last lap of just 6 in the elite class it was just the one away from 2nd placed rider Steve Rogers (GU) who lost more than half  his score on section 4 as the take-off points were short. Andrei Burton (ECHO) just found grip wherever he was maybe due to his tyre that he found in his shed having some rubber on this time. Brilliant to watch and very quick 2 clear rounds and so with just the 1 solitary dab early on the first lap the first place Elites was his. Charlie Rolls (Crossbow) was beating Scott Wilson on his 2nd lap but a 5 on section 1 which on previous attempts he had just the 1 mark stamped on his card meant 5th place 1 behind Scott on the day. Andrew Chai (GU) and Antonio Souza (Rockman) going around together and having a laugh.

Luke Walder - 1st Inter class
Luke Walder – 1st Inter class

Section 5 was timed and observed by Clive Smith 2.5 minutes to complete. Most riders were well in time Adam Potter (Zoo) just 6 points dropped on this section. Jason Lake (Mumro)  had to retire on his 2nd lap and he devoted his time to get his son Logon around on his balance bike which was good as he picked up the 2nd place trophy for this class on just 12 points well done to him. Luke Walden (Onza) won the inter class on just 6 marks. Rory Hooper (Ozony) 2nd and David Sproat (Molestro) 3rd both Luke and David having a clear last lap.  Ben Woodcock won the Beginner class and now tops the class

Section 7..  the speed/obstacle race was won by Andrei Burton on a time of 22.90 seconds Steve Rogers 23.56 Andrei Chai 26.28  the easier route was won by Samuel Meeten on 19.88 followed by father Perry 20.88 and Joe Gatrill 3rd 23.66 both winners taking home prizes.


Results can be seen on Bike Federation UK web site. 

Any info regarding Cycle Trials please contact Graham Tickner  tel  01932 885347

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