Double victory of Gas Gas in the French GP

Marc Colomer and the new Gas Gas TXTe rise up in victory in the very first TrialE Cup for electric motorbikes in the World Championship. Fabien Poirot, also with Gas Gas, completed the double win for the brand in the French TrialGP. Franzi Kadlec, eighth, and Dan Peace, seventh, were the most outstanding riders in the Gas Gas Factory Team in TrialGP and Trial2 in Lourdes, the fourth event of the season.

The French TrialGP got underway this weekend in Lourdes with the debut of the TrialE Cup, a new category in the World Championship for electric  motorbikes and where Gas Gas had the very best start possible. Marc Colomer achieved victory riding the sophisticated Gas Gas TXTe and, at the same time made history in the world of trial becoming the first ever winner of the new category of the World Championship. The young French rider, Fabien Poirot, also with Gas Gas, put the cherry on the icing  for the brand after winning in Trial125.

The fantastic duo composed of Marc Colomer and the new Gas Gas TXTe focussed attention on the new TrialE category. After fourteen years away from the World Championship, the team manager of the Gas Gas trial team, decided to go back to competition and put his helmet back on for the official society presentation of the brand’s new electric prototype. A motorbike, which in Lourdes, demonstrated its extremely high level of competiveness, easily winning in its own category and achievingeven better results than its petrol driven equivalents in Trial125.

In fact it was with this size of engine that another rider from the brand, Fabien Poirot achieved victory. The young French rider won at home, in front of his fellow Frenchmen in a GP where his teammate, the German rider Jarmo Robrahn, was left a hair’s breadth from the podium with a fourth classification.  After his triumph in Lourdes, Poirot moves up to third place of the 125cc class.

Rather less brilliant but just as much hard work were the performances from the riders of the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team in TrialGP and Trial2, where Franzi Kadlec and Dan Peace were the riders that stood out most from the others in their respective categories in a GP with two distinct sides. On the one hand the wet, slippery track of the first lap because of all the rain from the previous night, and on the other hand a much drier track in the second lap, perhaps less demanding on the natural rock and moss obstacles that characterise this French event.

In the second category, Matteo Grattarola finished the fourth event of the season in ninth position, tying on points with his teammate Kadlec. Meanwhile, James Dabill finished in tenth position, closing off a top ten of with the rider from the MRW Gas Gas team, Oriol Noguera, eleventh, and Arnau Farré, thirteenth. This last result was rather dampened by the hand injury that putan end to the fine performance from the rider in the RFME team up until the moment of the fall.Jack Price, eighteenth, ended the results of the Gas Gas riders in the maximum engine size in what was a difficult race for the young British rider.

Meanwhile, in Trial2, Gael Chatagno was unable to repeat his victory of the last GP in Andorrain front of his fellow French riders. The Frenchman ended tenth and loses one place in the general category, where he is now in third position. His team mates, the Norwegian Häkon Pedersen and British rider Jack Peace had to make do with eleventh and twelfth places in the quarter liter class. Jack Peace  is still affected by the bad fall suffered last week at Sant Julià de Lòria.

After competing in consecutive events in the TrialGPs of Andorra and France, the Gas Gas Factory Team is going to take a two week break before facing the fifth event of the calendar, the British GP being held on 8th and 9th July in the Bradford área.

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