4 AND 5 MAY 2018


We are delighted and proud to announce that Tim Britton of Classic Dirt Bike Magazine fame has very kindly agreed to doing us the honour of being our Guest for 2018. Tim will perform the Start Ramp duties by seeing the first half of the entry away on Friday before riding the trial himself. He will wave off the second half of the entry on Saturday as well as doing the honours at the Presentation of Awards in the Kinlochleven Community Centre on Saturday evening, doors open at 7:30.

The deadline for getting your payment and entry reply forms returned to the Secretary for the 2018 Trial is almost upon us. If you were lucky enough to be successful in the ballot you MUST have this done no later than Friday 9 February 2018 otherwise your offer of a place in the trial will be withdrawn and allocated to the next rider on the reserve list. Please ensure you complete your insurance provider and policy reference number when returning your form as this is obligatory.

In response to some comments made on social media that all the same names appear on the entry list we would like to share with everyone that only 110 of the 200 accepted entries for 2018 rode in 2017 and 41, of the 90 that did not ride, are newcomers who have never ridden in the trial at all. The Ballot Explained will shortly appear on our website, www.pre65scottish.com if you care to read it and find out about the complexities of how the ballot process works in order to give the trial the interesting range of different makes of bike that it does.

A total of 314 entries were received by the closing date for the 2018 Trial and the capacity class breakdown of entrants was Rigid – 5, Up to 200cc – 76, Up to 250cc – 124, Up to 350cc – 54 and Over 351cc – 55.

This results in about 50 spaces in each of the four capacity classes and it does not take a genius to work out that if, for example, if there are only 54 entered into that class then there will only be a few disappointed but in the case of a very over-subscribed class then your chances are greatly reduced due to the number of available spaces.

Our Observer Co-ordinator, Doreen Stratford would be delighted to hear from anyone wishing to volunteer to observe and she can be contacted by email – observers@pre65scottish.co.uk

Picture Credits: www.trialmaguk.com



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