End of season event for Crowthorne CTC

Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club staged their end of season Cycle Trial at Surrey Hills Cycle Centre (Hook Woods) in late October. This cycle trial also incorporated the presentations of awards for 2014. 

Eight sections with 2 laps were set out, mainly on the rocks but the slippery logs were used and also the manmade section number 6, using the pallets, lorry tyres, wooden cotton reels with a balance beam that twitched. The fallen trees trunks were very slippery and this took the marks off the riders

The course was set out during damp conditions with the hope of dry weather throughout the day. A good mixture of riders and even some new faces for the 6 routes (Balance bike route added) Just before the trial was near completion we were blessed with sunshine for the clubs awards plus annual B.B.Q.                                                                                                                

The Inter class had the most riders in their class with some riders competing in their first comp of the year which they said they enjoyed. Adam Boxall (Rockman) had the best  1st lap on 12 points dropped, Brian Elsey (Neon) did better on just 8 on his second lap when cleaning sections 1/2/8. Perry Meeten (Atomz) escaped a wet foot when going over a log and tackling the embedded concrete pipework that was boggy underneath, he was overjoyed with just the 1 mark and this secured 3rd place in front of Adam Birchmore (Monty 221pr) who was entering his first novice. 

biketrialSection 4. had the big stuff in it with a hill climb of rocks which elite riders went to the peak. Scott Wilson (54 Sport Inpulse) coped extremely well and just 6 marks lost on his last lap this had him on top spot on the podium in front of Richard Tickner (Quality Bikes) and Iwan Osbourne (Onza) just the one point separated these 2 riders.  Section 5. Suited more for a mountain bike than a Trials bike when all had to endure the down wood valley of mud and rocks before gate 2 then start their climb up. Oscar and Peter Money both on mountain bikes and on their very first Trial enjoyed this section with Oscar taking Bronze on the Diamondback. 

Section 6 was fun to see Steve Davies (Muel Limey) on the Expert route adjusting his brake while balancing and withdrawing a set of allen keys before trying the bouncy balance beam, a good second place in his first expert class behind Toby Smith (Koxx). Adam Holt did all the big stuff with ease but faltered on the turns.  Ed Wheeler (Z00) laughing as usual also took the harder lines – 5th and 6th place for them. Andrew McCabe (Neon) had the worst luck of the day when having trouble with his brake couldn’t  compete. Andrew took the Elite class league cup win for 2014 with the club. 

Jamie Smith (Monty) took the Novice class win of the day with a just 5 marks on his card a clean 2nd lap. Joe Lethbridge (Onza Blade) 2nd losing most marks on section 7A happy 3 year old Kayla Broomfield took her 2nd win on her balance bike and did more sections than she should have. The Most improved rider of the year award went to Casey Moore who gets better and better, never complains and enjoys riding. Matt Lethbridge took the Observer of the year award who we thank immensely.

Thank you to the Connor family and the use of their excellent land, also thank you to the Cooks of the day and all who participated and helped during the year. We hope all enjoyed Cycle Trials. 

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