If you haven’t sent your entry in for the Pre’65 Scottish Trial you need to do it NOW as the entries close next week at 3pm on Friday 8 December 2017.

You can check to see if your entry has been received on our new website – www.pre65scottish.com or new facebook page – Pre65 2018. If you have sent your entry but your name is not on the list then it means we don’t have it. Please check that you put the correct postage on your letter as mail with insufficient postage is not collected. An A4 envelope requires a Large Letter stamp.

The standard of entries being received this year is very high and the majority appear to have read the instructions and followed them, particularly regarding the quality and size of the photos requested so thank you for making the effort which makes identifying components much easier.

The ballot is scheduled to take place over the weekend of 9/10 December as we have received more than 180 entries. Entrants should be notified of the outcome as soon as possible afterwards.

Remember, you NEED TO ENTER if you want to have a chance.

We are also saddened by the death of Jim McColm who has had a long association with the Edinburgh & District Motor Club, SSDT and latterly the Pre’65 Scottish. Jim stepped down from the committee at the beginning of this year due to health issues. This year has not been a good one as we sadly lost Allan Johnston, former Starter, in July and his wife Thelma in October. Thoughts are with all their families.


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