Eric Miquel Just One Step Behind Victory !!! Adam Raga Keeps The Fight

The Andorran town of Sant Julià de Loira, hosted once again a race of the Trial World Championship. Unlike last year, where Adam Raga won one of the most demanding races of the season, in this edition he could only finish fifth in a significantly easier course.

The Grand Prix was complicated for Raga in zone two, which, unlike its main rivals, did not surpass in either of the two laps, something that added to other small errors determined the discrete result of the current runner-up in the world.

Tricky day also in Trial2 for the TRS riders, being the best classified Luca Petrella, eleventh, while in Trial125 Eric Miquel shone again fighting for the victory until the last zone, finally signing a great second position.

Next week will take place the fourth Grand Prix of the current season, to be contested in the Portuguese town of Gouveia, where the categories of TrialGP, Trial2 and Trial125 are again called to race.

Jordi Tarres

“It’s been a complicated weekend for us. In TrialGP Adam has made a good race, but the fiascos of the second zone have weighed him in the classification of a rather simple trial. It will be a tough season with a lot of competition, so we have to work to fine-tune the little mistakes and be higher. I want to congratulate Eric for going back to the podium in Trial125, since we need to have a lot of regularity in this category. Bad day instead for Trial2, where we did not finish obtaining the desired results. I trust that in Portugal we are higher ”

Adam Raga
Race P5 |  Championship P4

“I did not like this Grand Prix, the level of the zones was not up to the demands, it was too simple and there were hardly any options to recover, nor am I satisfied with certain decisions of the zone judges. next week at the GP of Portugal.


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