Essex Trials Cup. 2017 – Cycle Trial 28th May

Radical Bikes, Chelmsford, Essex.

The venue for the Essex Trials cup that was staged by the Crowthorne Cycle Trials club, with sunshine on the cards and a good excellent Pre-entry of riders to tackle the course set out from the numerous obstacles.

5 routes were laid out, for the younger riders on balance bikes to get them to compete from an early age right up to the Expert Elite category. Seven sections to be ridden 3 times, except the balance bikes that were to complete just the 2 laps.

Section 8 was an edition which was the BMX pump track, 1 run at it only. Alex Franz on the stopwatch here, adult and youth were split up.

Section 1 used the concrete pipework and boulders with the oil storage containers and a ramp as the end gate. Dean Foster (Jitsie Varial) just the solid dab on this section. Stuart Matthews (Monty) on his first trial in 7 years was so smooth and recorded his first zero on the observers score card, Stuart would only drop 19 marks on the day, Section 2 consisted of tree trunks, logs and big stumps Steve Rogers on crutches who had pre entered the class but an injury sustained from the world round prevented him.. thank you Steve for observing this section. Dan Wheeler (Rad bikes Special) had 2 cleans here but on his third attempt took a steady dab.  Youth Inter rider Jamie Smith (Koxx Sky) had a bad start on this section but after taking a different line got better each lap and just the 1 strategy spaced dab on his last go, Aidan Thomas (Echo) on his first cycle trial  2 dabs here and good strong finish just missing the Novice podium.

Section 3 was the big precast concrete pipe with angled drainage water pipes and cotton reals fantastic riding from elite rider Ryan Crisp (Breath) and brilliant to watch landing on the tips of just about everything.  Mick Mitchell (Polygon) the landowner grinning and just having a good time riding the 26”  2 cleans 2nd/3rd lap.  Aaron Carpenter (Ozony) would have to retire from the comp after 3 sections as his  injury was prevented him from competing to his usual standard.

Section 4  Barbara Wright from Yorkshire, who doesn’t see the riders ride much because of other job roles, observing this one and even did a bit of videoing. Barbara was practically impressed with Tom Mitchell (Rad Special) who rode the entire Novice class brakeless  and would end up still taking the 3rd place trophy and also Toby Smith excelling in the Expert class who held of Rich Pearson(Echo) by 1 mark.

Section 6 The Tractor Tyres had to have 2 observers on this one including new chairman of the club Alicia Tickner with 2.5 minutes on the stopwatch most of the riders managed cleaning it. Logan Lake (Marino) on the balance bike went so quickly his little legs flickering through 1st place for him on the dabber route holding of the girls  Katy Bromfield (Balanceabilty) who dropped 13 just the 1  in front of  Katy Tickner (Silverfox)             

Section 7  Wooden train sleepers, balance beams slides and platforms Laura Hiett observed this one and even took time out for the photos of the event. Jason Lake (Speedrace Fans) lost marks on the balance pipework whereas Perry Meeten (Atomz) excelled in which gave him 2nd place 2 marks behind Ian Proudfoot (Echo)   Ben Woodcock won the Beginner class on 14  just 6 in front of his buddy Jordan Toogood  with first timer Fergus Murray(Onza) 3rd 

Section 8, the pump speed section, was won by Tom Mitchell  on a time of 29.25. The Youth class was won by Fergus Murray 35.00, both riders having to stand together on the podium.

Results can be seen on Biketrial UK website. Thank you to all observers, spectators, riders and helpers who made this Essex Trials cup happen. 

The Crowthorne Cycle Trials club will have the pleasure to stage The Southern Trials Cup at Surrey Hills Cycle Centre on  18th June     

Any info regarding Cycle Trials please contact Graham Tickner  tel – 01932 885347

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