Excens Group Enters Bike Trial Scene

The Excens Group has officially entered the Bike Trials scene by purchasing CLEAN TRIALS.


In October, the Excens group purchased the family owned company, CLEAN TRIALS SL. The company was created by the current World Champion, Abel Mustieles and his family, with an international vision dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of trial bicycles.

The Excens group is made up of several companies linked to the sports sector, the logistics sector and the energy supply sector, and has experience in acquiring operating companies, so its structural framework is key to the development and expansion of different societies. Currently, the holding company employs more than 200 people. The most recognized brands of Excens group’s sport sector are HEBO, TRS Motorcycles and MATT.


clean-pic11HEBO is especially recognized for its dedication to the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of motorcycle clothing and accessories, having a strong presence in the trial sector. TRS Motorcycles is the company and brand of a new revolutionary Moto trial in its field. In its first year, the vice-champion title was secured at the hands of Adam Raga. MATT is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of technical ski accessories.

The acquisition of CLEAN TRIALS, by the EXCENS group, means a new stage in the CLEAN project. There will be a collective effort from all parties, with Abel Mustieles and his father, José Antonio Mustieles continuing to lead the company’s operations. The aim of the project will be to maintain the essence of the original company’s product quality and design that developed CLEAN into one of the major brands in the bike trial sector. This new support, provided by the Excens group, fosters an environment to continue CLEAN’s good work as well as creating the foundation for new projects to be undertaken.

With the purchase of CLEAN TRIALS, the Excens group makes a clear commitment to the world of trials in its broadest sense, by investing in a discipline that is experiencing a growth in its fans.

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