Fajardo and GasGas make it onto the podium in Andorra

The Catalan rider from the GasGas Trial Factory Team adds a third podium to his season’s total while Jaime Busto, fourth, is just one step away from the third place on the podium. In Trial 2, Jack Peace was third and Loris Gubian finished eighth.

Jeroni Fajardo added his third podium of the season today in the 4 events held so far. In a well-matched Andorra GP, the GasGas Trial Factory Team rider became leader in the penultimate zone of the second round, but a 5 in the last one deprived him of a victory.

His teammate, Jaime Busto, finished in fourth place. The rider from Górliz, who was second yesterday in the qualifying day, fought hard to get on the podium, but two mistakes kept him away from the top positions.

In Trial2, Jack Peace got another podium position for GasGas. The rider from the School of Champions came third in Andorra. On the other hand, Loris Gubian finished in eighth position. The French rider finished 18th in the QP yesterday, but today he managed to get ahead to achieve this well deserved result, despite having to open areas.

After the Andorra GP, the GasGas Trial Factory Team riders remain in podium positions in the TrialGP World Championship. Jeroni Fajardo and Jaime Busto are second and third, respectively, at 7 and 9 points from the lead.

This result, added to that of the first two events of the season, demonstrates the potential of the GasGas Trial Factory Team and confirms its fighting options for the TrialGP World Championship.

The World Championship is not about to take a break and returns to action next weekend with the Portuguese GP, to be held on June 23rd and 24th in Gouveia.

“Today we had a chance of victory until the last moment in the Andorra GP. If we make a general assessment after this GP, we are in the second and third place of the overall standings and that is the great goal for GasGas this season. And we also have reasons to think about winning the Championship. We are only a few points from Toni Bou, and after his dominance in recent years we are much closer than ever. It is a pity that Jeroni [Fajardo] missed the victory, but races are like that, very complicated and with many ups and downs.

I want to congratulate the riders and the whole team. Jaime [Busto] had a great race and only two mistakes prevented him from fighting for victory. This shows that, even if we make those mistakes, we get good results. And that’s a good thing. Sometimes you have to look at the rivals and, for example, Adam Raga, who is also a candidate for the World Championship, is having a hard time keeping ahead of us. That means we are working well. In Portugal we must continue on this same line since we have three races with podium finishes, with possibilities of a good position or even winning and that gives us confidence. Beyond today’s result, we must think that we are candidates for victory in each race and that motivates us a lot.”


“The weekend started very well, finishing second in the qualification. Today did not start so well. I had a good first round, with two avoidable mistakes, but we were able to save them. In the second round, the zones got more complicated and it was easy to add a 5. I made two mistakes that kept me away from the top positions. Despite all this, the sensations with the bike have been very good, the team has helped me in everything and we will continue fighting in the next races.”


“It’s been a tough day. This morning I woke up with back pain and not feeling very well. But in the end I got over it, I felt better and better and we completed a good race. At the end of the first lap we were fourth, very close to the lead. And in the second lap, everything went very well, I even took the lead, but in the last zone I made a small mistake that made me lose time and they penalized me with a 5. That is what put me into third place. But overall I am very happy, the bike works great and the team, too. We will continue fighting in Portugal to try to win more victories.”


“Today started a little bad, adding three fives very early on. These failures made it impossible for me to get to the podium and I finished in eighth position. I think that after the mistakes of the beginning my riding was good, but the result is not what we had hoped for. Now we will focus on the TrialE World Championship, which starts in a month. We will be training with the GasGas TXE these days to prepare it and we hope to get the Championship title again.”

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