Fajardo and GasGas, TrialGP World Championship runners-up

The TrialGP World Championship dropped the final curtain today with the Italian GP. An event where Jeroni Fajardo managed to defend his second position in the general from the moment he started the challenge, winning his position as runner-up after finishing in third position. Fajardo put on a great performance, where he had to fight until the end facing an extremely high level which his rivals also kept up. His teammate in the GasGas Trial Factory Team, Jaime Busto, was fifth today and finally finished the Championship in fourth place.

With Fajardo’s third place in Italy, the GasGas Trial Factory Team has won a total of 10 podium positions in this edition of the TrialGP World Championship: 2 wins, 3 second places and 5 third places. These tremendous results reflect the consistency exhibited by Fajardo and Busto and have allowed them to finish a great World Championship in final second and fourth positions respectively.

Now the World Championship is over, the next challenge for the GasGas riders will be the Spanish Trial Championship, where Busto is currently second overall and Fajardo third, with just three events left.

In Trial125, the School of Champions riders Martín Riobó and Pablo Suárez finished the World Championship second and third in the general classification respectively.

“We finished a great season by getting such good results in the TrialGP World Championship with Jeroni Fajardo’s second place and Jaime Busto’s fourth. I think GasGas has played a great role in this contest by getting very good results, such as the double win achieved in the two days in Japan, or the fact of getting a total of 10 podiums between Jeroni and Jaime. Both have put on a great performance today, in a very competitive race and where Jeroni was able to get a well-deserved second place, managing any possible nerves very well.

The TrialGP season has finished but the GasGas Trial Factory Team will continue working to prepare for the three remaining events of the Spanish Championship and give continuity to the good results that we have also achieved in the National.”


“The truth is that today was not one of my best days. We started very badly in the first areas. Then we improved but Adam [Raga] went very well, he was very good, and we could not make up the difference. The season has gone pretty well, although maybe we hoped for a little more, but next year we will try to give it even more.”


“I’m very happy with the result. This has been a long, competitive championship. At first we started very strongly and the results were very good in Camprodón, in Japan, in Andorra, in Portugal… even in France where I was already injured. That injury ended up taking its toll, because I was unable to train on a bike for many days and the level of my riding suffered a little. But I am very happy, because we were able to recover the good sensations. Today was not a perfect race but it was enough and we were able to get up onto the podium and keep a two point lead over the third place so as to be runners-up in the World Championship. I can only say that I am very happy and I want to thank my team for the great work and effort they made to be able to get this excellent position.”

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