Fantastic Mr Fox


Jasper Fox stole the show at this weekend’s OSET Cup North to take the top spot on the hard route and bag himself a new Wulfsport crash helmet, courtesy of Trials UK!

The Lincolnshire 7 year old barely put a foot wrong as he successfully negotiated the six sections at Swaine Wood.  Joining him on the podium were Alexander Horne and Toby Shaw – who has only been riding for a year and is definitely one to watch.  Thomas Wright meanwhile, bagged the hard route rider of the day award.

Two riders stepped up to the elite route.  Dominic Horne enjoyed the win on the prototype OSET 24 to bring home a new crash helmet, from riding buddy Myles Hutchinson.

Without doubt the most contested route of the day was the intermediates which went down to fewest single dabs to decide the top three.  In the end Will Sagar came out victorious from Harrison McElnea and Joel Hazlett – literally only a whisker between any of them.  Equally tough was the choice for rider of the day, which was awarded to Tyler Atkinson.

The beginners had a great day, working hard to keep hovering feet on the pegs in the twisty sections as all riders proved nervous of turning downhill – worried the bike would slip away from them.  Simon Armstrong from OSET said: “We try to provide sections that are designed to boost confidence and get some easy wins and nice feet up cleans, but also gently challenge the young riders to ride a little bit out of their comfort zone, to help them progress to the next level.  It’s great to see the sense of achievement and pride they feel when they master a section.”

The route was won by a very deserving Kenny Brierley, with Matthew Horne delivering a hat trick of podium places for the Horne brothers and Oliver Arkwright in third.  Erin Hazlett matched her brother in the trophy stakes and took home rider of the day.

All four routes were conducted individually, giving riders the opportunity to encourage and learn from each other.  Simon added: “Yet again we’ve been lucky with the weather.  With over 30 girls and boys riding and a great mixture of ability, we’re able to demonstrate to the kids and parents how they are able to progress.  All of kids on the elite and hard routes started riding trials with the sole aim of standing up through a section – and now they ride over huge rocks, take on intimidating drop ins and hill climbs all undaunted.  All of the OSET Cup events across the UK help develop rider ability and are fun to ride!”

As well as the trial, riders enjoyed a slow-race won by Jacob Reeday and Amie Walters impressed everyone in the wheelie competition, while the final results were totalled.

“We’re delighted to support grass-root events like the OSET Cup North”, said Nige Pearson from Trials UK, “The introduction of OSET Bikes into the market has seen trials for the youth market go from strength to strength, which bodes exceptionally well for the future health of the sport.”

Thanks go to WulfSport for assisting with prizes and also to Horsforth DMC for use of the venue.

The fourth and final round of the OSET Cup North takes place at Walcot Hall Estate, Scunthorpe, DN15 9JT on 25 July.  Start time 11am.

Images courtesy of PJ Hutchinson and Trials UK Media

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