FIM and Sport7 host successful meeting with manufacturers

The FIM and Sport7 the promoter of the FIM Trial World Championships is delighted to confirm a highly positive and productive outcome to their recent meeting with the Trial manufacturers’ representatives. 

The occasion was used to confirm and agree the final details of the soon to start 2018 series and to outline the framework and protocols to ensure a more structured and timely working process for future editions of the championship. All parties also expressed a strong desire to reach a longer term agreement that would commit the manufacturers to the championship for a minimum three-year period. 

Those attending the meeting in Barcelona included FIM Sporting Director Fabio Muner, FIM CTR Director Thierry Michaud, FIM CTR Co-Ordinator Anna Clarena, Sport7 Director Jake Miller plus Trial manufacturers’ representatives Albert Casanovas (Gas Gas) and Donato Miglio (Beta). 

Speaking after the meeting FIM Sporting Director Fabio Muner stated. “Despite some inaccurate reports in the media suggesting otherwise, I am pleased that the FIM, Sport7 and the manufacturers were already working hard together to ensure that the 2018 FIM Trial World Championship is a great success. With the support of our CTR Director and the Bureau of the Trial Commission, it is important that we continue to work in this way in the future in order to reach the best possible results for this series. We would like to thank our partners for their valued time and efforts.”

Adding his comments Manufacturers representative Albert Casanovas reinforced their position. “It is clear to say that we had some concerns ahead of the meeting, but we are very satisfied that our opinion was received well and that now after good compromise and agreement on the important points we can look forward to a great 2018 season that will build on the success of 2017. Working in this new way is a positive step and this is much thanks to all the parties who attended the meeting.” 

Rounding off Sport 7 Director Jake Miller explained. “Since becoming promoter last season we are continuing to go through a process of realignment with the key stakeholders as all parties adapt to the new TrialGP era. It is important that we take these opportunities to sit around the table so everyone can express their different positions.” 

“Despite suggestions otherwise, all parties share similar views on the fundamentals, and as such it was a relatively straightforward process to agree the outstanding details. We would like to thank both the FIM and the manufacturers for working in such a positive and productive way to ensure the success of the 2018 season. We look forward to hosting further meetings to clearly define the future of the sport.” 

Sport7 and the FIM looks forward to welcoming all the manufacturers and their associated riders to the opening round of the 2018 TrialGP series that will take place in Spain on 19/20 May.

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