FIM X-Trial World Championship 2015 – Round 5 – Wiener Neustadt – Austria

Trial Magazine takes a look around the stadium before tonight’s action gets under way. Who will win, the hazards certainly look good and the effort from the club who are staging the event have been second to none but can Bou carry on winning, we will find out later.

DSC_5729 (Small) DSC_5731 (Small) DSC_5732 (Small) DSC_5733 (Small) DSC_5734 (Small) DSC_5738 (Small) DSC_5741 (Small) DSC_5742 (Small) DSC_5743 (Small) DSC_5747 (Small) DSC_5748 (Small) DSC_5750 (Small) DSC_8165 (Small) DSC_8167 (Small) DSC_8170 (Small) DSC_8173 (Small) DSC_8176 (Small) DSC_8177 (Small) DSC_8178 (Small) DSC_8180 (Small) DSC_8181 (Small) DSC_8183 (Small) DSC_8184 (Small) DSC_8186 (Small) DSC_8187 (Small) DSC_8188 (Small) DSC_8193 (Small) DSC_8197 (Small) DSC_8198 (Small) DSC_8202 (Small) DSC_8209 (Small) DSC_8214 (Small) DSC_8215 (Small) DSC_8217 (Small) DSC_8219 (Small) DSC_8220 (Small)Picture Credits – All rights reserved: Trial Magazine

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