First big win of the season for Gas Gas Team

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Jack Peace is now World Trial125 Champion and celebrates the first big win of the season for the Gas Gas team

Jack Peace wins the first big win of the season for the Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team. The young British rider achieves his eighth win this year in Belgium and so, on points, becomes world Trial125 champion. Jack Price is just a small step away from the title, and Arnau Farré takes the first two places in Trial2. Sandra Gómez rounds off a great weekend for the Gas Gas team of riders with a second place in the International Championship. Meanwhile Matteo Grattarola and Franzi Kadlec are once again the stars of the show in TrialGP, with an eleventh place for the Italian rider and a fifteenth place for the German.

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The Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team had pinned its highest hopes on this the sixth event of the World Championship and the truth is that in Comblain-au-Pont, in the Belgian GP, the riders did not let us down. The confidence placed in them throughout the whole season was well deserved.

Jack Peace won his eighth victory of the year and became World Trial125 Champion and so celebrates his first big win of the year for Gas Gas in the World Championship. The young British rider, the strongest rider in his category throughout the season, achieved another hard-won victory in Belgium; A win that made it possible for him to be proclaimed the new World Champion of Trial125. While there are still two big prizes left before the end of the season, Peace got a great return on his magnificent results at the beginning of the season and has taken the fast track to the first big win of the year for Gas Gas.

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The young trial rookie is wearing the first winners crown of 2016 and his teammate and fellow Brit, Jack Price, also made a huge leap forward towards winning the Trial 2 championship after achieving yet another victory, his sixth this year, this time on Belgian territory. This triumph was rounded off by the brilliant performance by our riders in the Belgian GP, with the second place for Arnau Farré, which once again saw him on the podium.

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Dan Peace, eleventh, and Marc Riba, nineteenth, completed the results of the Trial2 riders, a category completely dominated by the Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team riders. Jack Price is in first position with 41 points of advantage over second place and Arnau Farré third, at 47 points from his teammate. There are two GPs and four days of events still to held, in Tong and Valchiampo which means he could become the Trial2 World Champion in the Great British GP, an event on home turf for the young British rider.

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Although in the Trial125 category the eleven best results of the year are the ones that count and the four worst results can be discounted, in Trial2 the thirteen best results in the World Championship are the ones that count so that only two races can be subtracted. After adding up all the results without a doubt the favourite has to be Jack Price, seriously dominating Trial2 this season, with six victories this is a score unequalled by his rivals in this category.

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The results of the riders in Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team in the maximum category of the World Championship were rather less to write home about. Just a week after having been proclaimed “campeoníssimo” of trial in Italy, Matteo Grattarola achieved an eleventh place in the Belgian GP. Meanwhile the German rider Franzi Kadlec and the Norwegian rider Häkon Pedersen finished in fifteenth and sixteenth positions respectively.


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And last but not least, Sandra Gómez once again took advantage of the situation to prepare her debut in the Women’s World Championship with Gas Gas by taking part in the International Category of the Belgian GP. The rider from Madrid climbed onto the second place of the podium. Without a shadow of doubt this is a great way to prepare for the Women’s World Championship in Tong, coming next weekend, 16th and 17thJuly, in the British GP, with three events for the women riders, with the meetings in Valchiampo and Isola2000 as well as the British race.

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