First victory for James Dabill with Gas Gas in the Burgundy Indoor Trial

The Gas Gas Trial Factory Trial rider blazed his way to victory in the Chalon Coliseum in front of over three thousand cheering spectators in one of the most spectacular, colourful international events organised by Bernard Estripeu. Gaël Chatagno, the promising young French trial rider finished fourth on home turf in an indoor event which year after year attracts all the greatest names of trial.

Last Friday the Chalon sur Saône Coliseum hosted one of the most famous indoor trial events designed by Bernard Estripeau. James Dabill was the star of the show at the Burgundy Indoor Trial, an indoor event, which as is habitual with the shows organised by the French organiser, was notable for its colour and spectacle. 

The Gas Gas Factory Trial Team rider achieved his first international victory on his new Gas Gas TXT 300 Racing from the brand from Girona, ahead of riders with such high standing as Jaime Busto and Benoït Brincaz.

The latest addition to the official Gas Gas team, the French rider Gaël Chatagno, is also well worth giving a mention to, as after being cheered along by over three thousand spectators in the exciting atmosphere of the Coliseum in Chalon, almost got a place on the podium. Chatagno finally finished fourth, after a great showing from this young personality of French trial.

Chalon International Indoor Trial 

  1. James Dabill (Gas Gas)
  2. Jaime Busto
  3. Benoït Brincaz
  4. Gaël Chatagno (Gas Gas)

Photo: Gas Gas

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