FLASHBACK – 2011 – 125cc Machine Test



 “Why on earth would you want to buy a 125cc trials machine?” A fair question in anybody’s eyes, as surely these machines are for schoolboys and young pretenders learning the trade even at world championship level. For most men it’s a ‘macho’ thing, “I need at least a 250cc for the trials I ride in, maybe a bigger capacity machine for the odd national event”, but remember the majority of trials riders only ride in club and centre events, so once again why not a 125cc? The machines on test, the 125cc Beta, Gas Gas, Scorpa and Sherco are all current 2011 models and have all proven their own worth; yes the Scorpa is quite a new model but it uses the tried and tested Sherco power plant. To test the machines we used resident Trial Magazine test rider Phil Disney and his sidekick Dan Clarke. Both these riders have 290cc Betas and ride at National level, having achieved much success in the sport over the years. A new addition to the Trial Magazine team is Janice Proctor. She has returned to the sport after a break of many years and currently rides a 250cc Gas Gas. Yours truly came along to sample the machines having tested the entire range of 250cc models available in the last issue of the magazine. The findings from the team were quite amazing to say the least, but remember this is not a comparison and each machine was marked on its individual merits. We marked them out of a total of a winning ten; read on to find out more.

 Words: John Hulme – Phil Disney – Dan Clarke – Janice Proctor

Pictures: Stuart Taylor

All in Trial Magazine Issue 26: Order now at: www.trialmaguk.com

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