Jack Price

Moving up into the Youth A class a year earlier than his age would normally permit, Jack Price is on a mission to arrive in the adult classes with as much experience as his young years can allow. Having already won the D, C and B British Championships he looks on course to add the A class crown in 2012. Trial Magazine caught up with Jack just as he was taking breakfast at the family home before heading off to school.

Words: Jonny with Jack – Picture: Yoomee

 What’s for breakfast?

Toast, jam and a cup of tea – thank you Mrs Price you make a superb brew! (Jonny)

Who does the washing up?

The dishwasher, mum usually loads it then persuades one of us to empty it! To ride trials at the level I do with the commitment to riding in the championship and the trips abroad, requires massive commitment from the family. I am so grateful for the week on week support they give me.

How’s school?

School is great and I enjoy it.  I am doing physics, chemistry, biology, geography, maths, English, French, graphics and art. I want to do well in my GCSE’s so it’s head down time.

There is now a break in the A class championship what are you up to?

I have exams coming up which I am working on.  Bike wise I am working hard and practicing. There is the Mintex time and observation trial and a couple of rounds of the YMSA championship coming up which are all good youth trials.

Are you playing in the school cricket team? (Jack’s a big fan)

Yes I play for the school team and for my local club every week. There are also cricket practice and cup games to fit in, I play cricket a lot!  I don’t see it as a break from riding though as I still ride practice two to three times a week.

What’s your brother Connor up to?

Connor is home at the moment from Uni working with my dad.  He is studying Geology at Plymouth University.  Most weekends he rides motocross somewhere with his friends.

Did you celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

We had a bit of a village party.  Didn’t see much of what else was going on, only highlights on TV, though the rock concert was awesome.

How good is your Gas Gas?

It is a standard Gas Gas 125cc with just a few tweaks to the suspension and carburation carried out by Tony Kaye. The team down at Road and Trials are brilliant; they supply and maintain my machine for me. Tony and Kerry have really helped me massively for the last six years, I can’t thank them enough. I get a great deal of help from John Shirt at Gas Gas UK.  Motul is also a massive sponsor and I have had a lot of help this year from them. Apico have also helped with machine parts and my Jitsie clothing. Gaerne have supplied me with my boots this season which I am also very grateful for.

What year do you want to be World Champion? (Jack laughed when asked this)

World Champion – wow, now that is the million dollar question, when I am ready!!

Jack Peace

You can imagine the talk in the Peace family household is usually concerning trials. Brothers, Dan and Jack Peace, are firmly established in the youth trials scene and appear to have been around forever. Jack is the younger of the two and currently dominating the C class championship.

 Words: Jack with Jonny – Pictures: Yoomee

What’s new at school?

I go to Ryedale School which is much better as there is a lot more to do and other people that ride trials go there as well.

 What are your other interests away from trials?

I like to play all sports especially cricket, rugby, football and athletics. I also like riding my mountain bike, playing table tennis and seeing my friends.

 How often do you practice?

I practice as often as I can get someone to take me.

 Do you practice similar hazards to Dan?

I like to practice on all sorts of different hazards. I ride some of the same sections as Dan but if what he is doing is too hard then me and mum go and make our own sections.

Who has been your biggest influence in trials?

My mum, as she has always taken me practicing and dad takes Dan. Mark Taylor has also helped us a lot this year and sometimes Ian Austermuhle takes us for a coaching session. Takahisa Fujinami – ‘Fuji’ is my favorite rider as he is so exciting to watch.

Who is the best minder, mum or dad? (Jack smiles and looks at both parents, Dan laughs!)

Mum was the best minder when I was little but now I’m doing much bigger and harder stuff she isn`t as good at lines and catching as dad is. It has been much better at the British championship rounds this year as dad has been able to help me because Dan has been riding on a different day.

 Have you always ridden Beta’s since riding in trials?

I have ridden Beta’s since I was seven and I would like to thank John Lampkin for his help and support with the machine etc. I would also like to thank Trick Bits for the tyres and all the specialized protectors that we have received.

 It’s a while off yet but when you leave school will you want to become a professional trials rider?

100% for sure I want to be a professional trials rider but I will study to become a doctor or farmer, just in case!

 Do you have a holiday away from trials?

We have been skiing which was mega and mum took us mountain biking to Scotland last year which was really good, the truth is though, I just love trials.

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