James Dabill (Montesa) Picture Credit: Colin Bullock

Words: John Hulme

Pictures: John Hulme – Snr – Colin Bullock

James Dabill cruised to a much sought after Scottish Six Days trial win on his Future TRW Montesa, leading from day one and never looking back. The win was the first by a four-stroke since 1966 when a young Alan Lampkin took the win on his BSA. After establishing an early advantage on the Monday he increased this to a 14 mark winning margin come the Saturday night. The expected threat from the experienced Graham Jarvis, also four-stroke mounted on the Sherco, never materialised as he lost second place to Beta mounted Michael Brown on a tie break. Despite controversy on the Monday when a group of sections had to be scrubbed due to rising water levels, the event still lived up to its name as the best trial in the World.

Michael Brown (Beta)
Graham Jarvis (Sherco) Picture Credit: Snr
Jordi Pasquet (Beta-ESP)
Gary MacDonald (Sherco)


1: James Dabill (Montesa) 21; 2: Michael Brown (Beta) 35; 3: Graham Jarvis (Sherco) 35; 4: Jordi Pascuet (Beta-Esp) 43; 5: Gary MacDonald (Sherco) 43; 6: Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) 44, 7: Marc Colomer (Scorpa-ESP) 48; 8: Shaun Morris (Gas Gas) 48; 9: Ben Hemingway (Beta) 50; 10: Dan Thorpe (Gas Gas) 61; 11: Joe Baker (Scorpa) 61; 12: Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 67; 13: Sam Haslam (Scorpa) 68; 14: Sam Ludgate (Beta) 73; 15: Wayne Braybrook (Gas Gas) 77; 16: James Lampkin (Beta) 79; 17: Tom Sagar (Scorpa) 86; 18: Lee Sampson (Sherco) 89; 19: Andy Huddleston (Montesa) 106; 20: Dan Hemmingway (Beta) 110; 21: Tommy Ahvala (Montesa-FIN) 111; 22: Phil Alderson (Sherco) 119; 23: Chris Pearson (Sherco) 120; 24: Liam Walker (Gas Gas) 122; 25: John Shirt (Gas Gas) 126.

Picture Credits: All rights reserved – John Hulme – Snr – Colin Bullock

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