Gas Gas back on the podium in Andorra

Gas Gas back on the podium at the Andorra TrialGP, with a victory from Chatagno and a third place from Dufrese

The Gas Gas Factory Trial Team gets back on top of the podium at the Trial World Championship in Sant Julià de Lòria. Gael Chatagno positions himself as contender for titleholder of Trial2 thanks to his second victory of the year. Meanwhile, little Hugo Dufrese produces a wonderful performance again, climbing onto to the third step of the Trial125 podium. Arnau Farré, eighth, puts on his very best show in this the year of his debut in TrialGp. Franzi Kadlec and Matteo Grattarola are together with the promising young rider from the Gas Gas School of Champions in the top ten in the maximum category. James Dabill, eleventh this time, occupies seventh place in the TrialGP general classification. All this despite a complicated GP, physically exhausting for the riders due to the high temperatures, the altitude and the tight race times that made it even tougher.

Varied fortunes for the Gas Gas riders in the third event in the TrialGP calendar. The Andorra Trial GP is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a World Championship event, which in this edition, as well as the demanding zones and track, also had the double handicap of high altitude and above all the extremely high temperatures. Although situated at almost 6,500 feet in the Naturlandia installations, the weather was scorching hot and so took a heavy physical toll on the riders.


Arnau Farré achieved an outstanding eighth position in TrialGP, his best result since he started in the maximum trial category, in Camprodon, just a month ago, in May. Trained at the Gas Gas School of Champions and now wearing the colours of the SPEA RFME federative team in the World Championship, Farré was the best of the Gas Gas representatives in the complicated Andorra GP with very close times two complete the two laps. 

This adversity forced the riders into upping the pace to avoid penalties. Haste together with exhaustion caused a large number of mistakes, which at the end of the race was also seen in the classification table with high scores on the marker board. 

The promising young Gas Gas rider achieved an excellent result in his first year amongst the elite in the World Championship. His fellow Gas Gas riders, Franzi Kadlec and Matteo Grattarola, finished the Andorra GP in ninth and tenth positions after a tie for points between the German and Italian champions. That’s three Gas Gas riders amongst the very best in TrialGP. A top ten where, this time, James Dabill, wasn’t present. After an irregular British GP, he finally came eleventh in Andorra and seventh in the provisional classification of the World Championship, with 40 points.

Following on from this, the young rider with the MRW Gas Gas Team, Oriol Noguera, came in twelfth position. Meanwhile, Jack Price came fifteenth, after a new demonstration of his adaptation to the Trial2 category in the 2016 World Championship and now Trial GP rider together with his fellow countryman James Dabill.


He managed to do it on the first day at Motegi and he did the same thing again in Sant Julià de Lòria. Gael Chatagno got his second victory of the year. This triumph shows hoe the French rider is shaping up as one of the serious contenders to the Trial2 title. He is now second in his category with just six points from the leader.

This was a solid performance from the young French rider, accompanied in the 250 cc category by the Peacebrothers and the Norwegian Hakon Pedersen. The oldest of the two British brothers, Dan, finished in sixth position on Sunday, with points very close to his two rivals above him in the classification. Meanwhile, the Norwegian, Pedersen, finished eleventh, and the youngest of the Peace family, young Jack, finished in fifteenth position in his third race in Trial2, after having gone up a category at the beginning of the season after winning the Trial125 title last year. 


Hugo Dufrese has returned to the Trial125 podium. After doing this for the first time in Camprodon, the promising young French rider got into the swing of the World Championship by getting back onto the 125 cc podium. Only 14 years old, the young French rider joined the Gas Gas ranks and since then hasn’t failed to show his talent despite missing the second event of the calendar, the far-flung and so expensive Japanese GP in Motegi.

His teammate in the same category in the World Championship, the German Jarmo Robrahn, finished sixth in an event in which, due to its proximity to Spain, Martín Riobo from Gallicia also competed and came tenth, and the Catalan Pau Martínez, rider with MRW Gas Gas in the national championship, came fifteenth in this the third event of the World Championship.

The TrialGP World Championship is to travel straight to its neighbour, France, where next weekend on the 24th and 25th June, it is the turn of Lourdes to hostthe fourth event. This is a doubly special date for Gas Gas, is it marks the return of Marc Colomer to the World Championship and the debut of his Gas Gaselectric prototype, and which is also to be the beginning of TrialE as a new category in the FIM World Championship, in addition to the TrialGP, Trial2, Trial125 and TrialWomen

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