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Dear friends,

True to our aim of keeping you up to date with everything going on, here is the latest Gas Gas Weekly News with the most important happenings of the last few days.

First of all we take a look cross the Atlantic, because the excellent news has just reached us from the United States of the new role that Geoff Aaron is taking on in Gas Gas North America. And the great news is that this week, the ten times AMA Trial champion has just become one of our greatest ambassadors in the country. This versatile rider, both in Trial and Enduro, is an all-time star in the American EnduroCross series.

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Aaron is to combine competition and trial exhibitions with the work of being responsible for the promotion of our brand in the United States. The North American market is one of the fundamental pillars of the development of Gas Gas on an international level. A demonstration of this importance is the reorganisation of the Gas Gas North America structure, lead in person by Iván Contreras, Founder & CEO of Torrot Gas Gas.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce that the manufacture of the new Gas Gas Trial Contact 250 is well under way. This model joins in the production of the bikes from the Trial and Enduro range, the Gas Gas TXT Racing and the Gas Gas EC Racing. Soon you will be able to see the images of our all terrain, a bike specially designed for lovers of both leisure and off-road riding.

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And from our factory in Salt, in Girona, let’s take a look at tour teams’ sporting activities. In Fort William, just two weeks ago, Michael Brown (2nd), Sam Haslam (5th) and Alexz Wigg (6th) once again won the title for Gas Gas of best brand and team at Scottish Six Days Trial. An event where Sandra Gómez got off to a great start with us, finishing in a highly commendable second position in the women’s category. Hooray for our champion!

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