Gas Gas hold a “family” reunion to present their new projects


Gas Gas is an OFF-ROAD brand(capitalized). We design, manufacture and market the best Trial bikes on the planet, and we will put our Enduro model in the top positions in global sales”, explained Iván Contreras, CEO of the Torrot Group, laying the foundation of a new era for Gas Gas in a presentation of their renovated Salt factory facilities to the whole family of importers, distributors and employees in Girona.


Workers, dealers, distributors, riders, mechanics, and managers … All members of a new Gas Gas family gathered to celebrate the beginning of a new era full of hope. Emotional. And the truth is that one could only see the smiles, the faces of admiration and amazement on discovering the profound renewal of their factory, when they realized that all the effort, everything they’ve been through was worth it.

GasGas from today begins a new stage; a very different stage in the company’s vision is very clear, very direct, still riding!. I do not ask you to forget everything you’ve been through, I know it’s been hard, very hard …. But we must move forward and learn from the past”, those were the first words of Iván ContrerasCEO of Torrot Group, to all members of the Gas Gas family, thanks to its acquisition by this technology company, they have gained a sister that is Torrot.

Gas Gas regains the iconic red color, which will be present at both national and international competitionswith large representation in the trial with our Gas Gas Factory Trial Team comprised of: Arnau Farré and Marc Riba (Spain); Matteo Grattarola and Gianluca Tournour (Italy); Michael BrownJack Price and Brothers Jack and Dan Peace (Great Britain) and Franz Kadlec (Germany). And similarly, also in the Enduro with Jonathan Barragán and Diogo Ventura within the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team. They will be our faces in racing and we only ask them to represent us proudly in competition.

Meanwhile, the head of Torrot Group, took the opportunity to present and to inform members of the Gas Gas family about its new sister company. Torrot Group is a technology company that designs, manufactures and markets efficient vehicles ‘on-road’ and ‘off-road’. It offers systems for traffic and parking management. Our brand ‘on-road’ is Torrot, and has a wide range of electric vehicles for the city, framed in mobility solutions for the new ‘smart cities’, as the City Surfer, sales leader in Spain with more than 1,000 units sold in 2015. We also have the series School of Champions, Kids TrialEnduro and Supermotard models aimed at boys and girls, 100% electric, with a ‘powertrain’ developed with our own technology and with parental control via ‘smartphone ‘. Or MUVI, currently the world’s most advanced electric scooter, a vehicle equipped with 110 km of range, two removable batteries, and direct connection to your ‘smartphone’. And the next model will be a road bike made of  ‘composite’, capable of absorbing blows to the structure itself. And a mountain e-bike of 100% carbon fiber”, said Contreras when speaking about the agenda of future Torrot projects.


“Moreover, we also have an area of sensors: Sensefields, led by Marc Solé. A company focused on managing traffic and parking. We develop sensors that incorporate a ‘hardware’ that, once installed in the pavement, connects to our stations at the intersections of the city, and sends data to the cloud, where thanks to the use of proprietary algorithms, we can have a greater quantity of information that can be useful for controlling traffic lights, reduce pollution, traffic and vehicle volume, etc … information”, added Iván Contreras ending the presentation of the new Salt facilities to the importers, distributors and factory workers, followed by a closing of a wonderful evening with all members of the Gas Gas family who enjoyed a gala dinner at theHotel AC Palau de Bellavista in Girona.


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