Gas Gas News – August 2018

We did it again, we are TrialE World Champions! For the second year running, our GasGas TXE developed with Torrot technology has conquered the World Trial Electric Bike Championship, this time with Loris Gubian and in Comblaint-au-Pont (Belgium), after last year Marc Colomer was the star of the show in Lourdes (France), at the premiere of the electric category in the maximum level of international trial competition.

While our ‘warriors’ from the GasGas Factory Team take a well-deserved rest and replenish their energy before facing the final stretch in their respective championships, we took the opportunity to present the new GasGas Enduro and Trial 2019.
This range of bikes captivated both the national and international press during its official presentation at l’Ametlla Park (Barcelona).

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