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This week we want to share all the latest news from the great GAS GAS family, and first of all, we are pleased to announce that production is ever nearer start-up. In Salt, we are working hard so our new models, the Gas Gas TXT 300 Racing and Gas Gas EC 300 Racing soon see the light of day. Things are cooking!

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In fact, we are working hard in many different ways, both in manufacture and, of course, in marketing our new products. And it is for this reason that we are always happy to give a warm welcome to our importers, the Gas Gas dealers based in five continents. In past weeks we have had the pleasure of reinforcing links with our men in Sweden, Peter Skealander and Rasmus Östlund of KGK, and with our esteemed Mario Quezada, representing the company of the same name in Chile. We also received a visit from Phil Clough, associate with John Shirt in the sale of  Gas Gas in the United Kingdom. And also with José Manuel Gracia, whose dealership in Valencia is 100% Gas Gas.

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Let’s take a look at the intense sporting activity in the United Kingdom, where the riders stack up the wins week after week. Victories such as that of Michael Brown in The Cleveland National. In the same competition, Dan Thorpe, his team mate in the JST Gas Gas UK team (John Shirt), finished seventh. Meanwhile, Chris Alford gave a powerful performance in the Intermediate category and our female riderKaty Sunter, also with Gas Gas, sneaked into 15th place in the same category. By the way, Michael’s bike was showing off a fantastic new look last weekend. Thanks, Kev!

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The week before Sam Haslam and Dan Thorpe took the top two positions on the podium of the popular Bemrose Trophy Trial. Out boys in the UK are on fire! Sam got a hat trick with three victories: The Wallace Cup, The Colmore Cup and the latest victory at the Bemrose Trophy Trial. Katy finished in a very laudable second place in the 50/50 Class, also with Gas Gas.

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Down south, in Bocairent, on the shores of the Mediterranean, Marc Riba got his first victory in the Spanish Trial Championships and is almost in the lead in TR2, a category where he aims to repeat the title he won last year. At the same time we have received fantastic news from Austria. On Saturday, Franzi Kadlecfinished the second X Trial of his sporting career with a promising seventh position and just a day later in the same venue, he scored a victory in the Wiener Neustadt Indoor International, accompanied, on the second step of the podium, by his brand mate Gianluca Tournour. Well done! We are proud of you both! Our excellent results are giving force to a fine forecast for the World Trial which starts 9thand 10th April with the Catalunya GP, at Cal Rosal, Barcelona, where you can see all our pilots together in what will be a historic snapshot.

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That same weekend, in Agadir, Jonathan Barragán and Diogo Ventura will also start his adventure in the World Enduro. The Moroccan GP kicks off the international race season for the Spanish and Portugese riders. In the last Spanish Enduro Championships held in Cañamero, in Extremadura, they achieved fourth position in E3 and E2 respectively. They still have time to get into the swing of things as they have been doing this week in the tests of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team in Catalunya. I promise you that soon, perhaps sooner than you think, you will be getting fresh images of all of them. A new look, where our colour, red, dominates together with Torrot. We are getting up to date, the same as in our web, with a contents reflecting the moment (

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What better way to say farewell until the next Gas Gas Weekly News than with the news that we will be at the International Six Days in Navarra (ISDE), from 11th to 16th October. This is a really special date for us. Historic. This is the third time the Six Days is being held in our country, and we are proud to announce that Gas Gas is providing race service and motorbike hire in Enduro’s most emblematic of events.

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And we are also going to be at the Scottish! The longest running international trials event where Gas Gas UK will get all the support from the factory and provide race service at an unmissable event for true trials lovers the Scottish Six Days of Trial (SSDT), in Fort William as always, from 2nd to 7th May. Highlight these two dates!

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And finally, this weekend we’ll be at the Santigosa 3 days of Trial (25th, 26th y 27thMarch) to support Marc Riba and Jack PriceStill riding! See you all soon and happy Easter everyone!

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