Gas Gas on the podium with TrialWomen and Trial2 categories in the Czech Republic

The Gas Gas Trial Factory Team successfully faces the final leg of the Trial World Championship. Sandra Gómez and Ina Wilde celebrate a double podium for the brand in TrialWomen, while Carla Caballé achieves third place in TrialWomen2. Jack Peace puts a shine on the performance of the young stars ​​of the brand, getting his first Trial2 podium, after a more complicated weekend for results for the TrialGP riders. In this category Franzi Kadlec and James Dabill were the most outstanding of the team and both in the ‘top ten’.

After a month of rest in the busy calendar of maximum international competition, this weekend the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team riders got back into action in the World Championship and they did it with great results for the representatives of the feminine categories, with a double podium for Sandra Gómez and Ina Wilde, second and third, in Trial Women; and also with a third place on the podium for Carla Caballé in TrialWomen2. Meanwhile Jack Peace got his first Trial2 podium in Sokolov. A good balance that contrasts with the complicated weekend for the Gas Gas riders in TrialGP, where Franzi Kadlec and James Dabill were the most outstanding riders in the team, finishing in eighth and ninth positions of the “top ten” of the men’s maximum international competition.


The Gas Gas Trial Factory Team riders disputed the seventh and penultimate event of the calendar in Sokolov. A complicated final leg of the World Championship in which Franzi Kadlec and James Dabill were the most outstanding riders of the formation in TrialGP, with an eighth place for the German and a ninth for the British rider. His teammate, the Italian Matteo Grattarola nearly made it into the ‘top ten’, although he had to settle for eleventh position, followed by Jack Price, Arnau Farré and Oriol Noguerafinishing in thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth positions respectively. These results reflect the competitiveness in the international trial elite, where Dabill is currently the best-ranked Gas Gas rider, seventh in TrialGP.


There was a double podium for the Gas Gas women’s team in the Czech Republic. The Spanish rider, Sandra Gómez and the German rider, Ina Wilde, stepped onto the second and third steps of the podium in this, the second event of the TrialWomen World Championship. Their teammate, and also a German rider, Michelle Neukirchen finished fourteenth.

After making their 2017 debut with two days of competition in the United States, in Sokolov the women riders competed in the second event of an extremely concentrated World Championship, with only three races: the one already held in Kingman, at the end of July, the one held this weekend in the Czech Republic and the last meeting of the calendar, in Arco di Trento, next weekend in Italy, where Sandra Gómez, with 13 points from the top classified rider, will fight to obtain the title of TrialWomen.

The Gas Gas representatives played a prominent role in the top international women’s category and also TrialWomen2. Here the young rider of the MRW Gas Gas team, Carla Caballé, once again stepped onto the podium, this time in third place. Meanwhile, the British rider Nikita Smith and the American Madeleine Hoover finished in eighth and ninth positions, and the French rider Marine Aurieres was tenth, ahead of her brand partner, the British rider Jennifer Stephen, sixteenth.

Jack Peace debuts on the podium of Trial2

The absence of the Trial125 riders in the Czech Grand Prix helped focus all the attention on the promising young riders in the Trial2 category. A class where Jack Peace first climbed on to the podium of Trial2, the class to which he jumped this year with his Gas Gas TXT 250 after proclaiming himself Trial125World Champion in 2016. The young British rider finished in front of his brother Dan Peace, finally fifth, followed by the Norwegian Hakon Pedersen, sixth, also with Gas Gas, and his compatriot Ib Andersen, tenth.

The Czech TrialGP is now to make way for the last event of the World Championship. Next weekend, the 16th and 17th September, the Italian town of Arco di Trento is to host the closing event of the maximum competition of the international trial.



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