Gas Gas Scottish assistance

Gas Gas keeps up the good work at the ‘Scottish’, providing technical and mechanical assistance to its riders

Once again Gas Gas is going to be at this international trial event. The Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) is to be held at Fort William from 2nd to 7th May and Gas Gas users will have the added advantage of technical assistance and spares service. Sandra Gómez will debut as Gas Gas rider in this 2016 SSDT edition

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Gas Gas is going to the international event with the greatest tradition in the history of trial: The Scottish Six Days Trial or SSDT. For another year Fort William is to become a centre of pilgrimage for the lovers of this speciality where from 2nd to 7th May they can enjoy trial in its purest form.

As on other occasions, Gas Gas upholds its close relationship and commitment with trial lovers and is going back to the mythical Scottish, providing technical assistance and a spares service during the races. John Shirt, Gas Gas UK importer, and one of the most knowledgeable experts in this spectacular event, is giving away his secrets at this link with his preparation guide full of advice on how to successfully face this event.

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Sandra Gómez, the latest addition to the official Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team, will be at the SSDT’16. This will be a first for the rider from Madrid with the new Gas Gas TXT 300 Racing. The event with the greatest history in the calendar and where Gas Gas won the prestigious Orkney Islands Medala prize distinguishing Gas Gas as the current title holder of the SSDT. Gas Gas aims to win this title once again in the 2016 event.

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