Registration for our services is quite easy, we need to know both your full name and home address, your GGUK account number if you are a previous customer, the address where you are staying in Scotland, a contactable mobile number both at home and when your there in Scotland ( for emergency use only ), your email address,  what year and model specific GASGAS as bike you will be riding and what type of payment you will be using should you need any parts whilst you are up there and obviously your riding number in the event.

The best way to let us know these details is to email them to Andy Hipwell as soon as possible to the following email address OR PHONE +44 1298 766814

Once we have all this info we create a file for you, and anything parts wise you need from us whilst you are riding the event we log down and then you can either settle up at the end of the week or we send you an invoice the following week.

Once you have registered with GGUK you will have use of all our facilities during the week such as access to any spare part we can provide from our parts truck if you somehow break something or wear something out whilst competing. A working area and paddock stand for you to work on your bike at the end of each day should you have any time left in your daily riding allowance. Some selected tools, oil sprays and paper towels etc we lay out for you to use. An airline so you can blow the dirt off your bike, change your tyre and maybe clean your carb out etc, and also some technical advice to help with work on your bike. The rules do not actually allow us to work on your bike but expert advice will be on hand to guide you. You will not have a dedicated mechanic.

I would just like to say you will have an enjoyable week if you prepare both yourself and the bike to the utmost of your ability before the event. Please see the attached files to help prepare you and your bike.

If you need our parts guy Andy Hipwell beforehand, just email him via or call him direct on +44 1298 766814. Otherwise just let him know the details asked for above as soon as you can and then come over and introduce yourself to us in the Park Ferme in Fort William.

GGUK staff member Corin Davie and John Shirt will be in the paddock Saturday afternoon.

Our parts van opens at 9.00am SUNDAY MORNING May 5th


Check spokes in both front & rear wheels for tightness as they may have worked loose since first being checked.

If you still have the old type rear wheel (pre 2011) with the sealing band make sure the sealing band is sealed properly BEFORE the event. Please don’t come to our mechanics on ‘way-in’ day with a leaking rim-tape. Get it sorted beforehand.

The latest type rear wheels fitted to all biked from 2011 onwards have the new band-less rear wheel which prevents the tyre leaking air. You must make sure that the spokes are also in good condition on these wheels.


Check the tubeless valve is in good condition, I had one of these tear recently and I was forced to change wheels.

Fit new MICHELIN tyres on the front and back. The heat generated on the road destroys tyres and only Michelins stand the abuse. It’s probably better to use the ‘normal’ X11 rear tyres because the new Xlight is very thin on the carcass (crown) so there’s more risk of a puncture.You can get the whole week out of one rear tyre but we recommend using two.

We also recommend using a thicker Enduro inner tube in the front. (not the 4mm one).


We also recommend fitting new wheel bearings.


Repack your silencer with some good quality packing wool. (We recommend some new ‘expandable’ packing which is brilliant). It’s a messy job but is well worth doing. Even if your bike is relatively new we still recommend repacking it before the SSDT. Make sure you re-fit the plastic end can with silicone sealer. And use Loctite on the 5mm screws. (Fit new screws)

Try and not sit on the rear mudguard / silencer because this can make the plastic end can come away from the silencer. You can strengthen this by adding rivets…see pic.


Also, a good idea is to add a rivet to the very outlet end of the silencer to help strengthen the fixing of the small stainless outlet. Make sure your bike has a stainless-steel outlet and not aluminium. These were standard from 2013 model onwards.


Fit both front pipe & silencer with new O-rings and silicone sealer.

Also check that the middle-box brackets have no cracks….re-weld / repair if necessary.


Check suspension linkage for excessive play & damaged seals, replace as necessary. Checkyour ‘bump-stop’ rubber is intact.


Clean air filter box & make sure it is completely water tight, clean filter & refit after applying some (decent) filter oil. On older bikes it’s a good idea to split the two halves of the air box and seat and re-apply some decent silicone sealant before re-fixing the screws. We use WURTH RTV silicone. We also recommend a rubber flap which goes on top of the shock to stop water splashing into the airbox;

We also recommend this ‘home made’ small extra flap that bolts on where the air intake flap is cover is. It approx. 20mm in width and helps to stop water splashing UP in to the filter box.

Take off flywheel cover and check the flywheel nut.

Also check the bolts that hold your flywheel weight if you use one. If you are fitting a new flywheel weight, PLEASE follow the fitting instructions carefully so as not to damage your stator


Make sure all wiring connections are free from dirt & fitted together properly with silicone grease. If your thermostat switch is working fine then leave it alone. It’s a good idea to make yourself a small link wire to bypass the switch and wire the fan direct if the switch fails. Only do this in an emergency because having the fan running all the time eventually destroys the small bearings in the fan motor.

It’s a good idea also to renew your head o-rings, especially on the two piece GG and S3 cylinder heads. It’s a clever idea to carry some head o-rings in case you cook your bike. If you empty the rad the next thing that fries are the head o-rings so because they weigh and cost very little, it’s a clever idea to carry some.

Check the coolant is topped up, condition of the hoses & clips are O.K.


Fit new front & rear brake pads. We use and recommend the new S3 pads (galfer) which the team now use. New front pads will last all week but the rears may need replacing.

Tighten all the brake banjo bolts especially the rear brake one because they tend to work loose sometimes. Also check the clutch banjo bolt on top of the cover.


Renew gearbox oil with 400ml of good quality oil. We also recommend you change it after 3 days.  (we recommend Putoline Light Gear Oil 75w)


Fit new chain & sprockets and the chain is correctly adjusted & it’s not too low-geared.

Chain tension is important and running your chain too tight can cause gearbox problems. A good guide is the chain pad must be approx 5mm from touching the swinging arm.

This is 10mm on the new 2019 bikes.

Always lube your chain at petrol stops.

Gearing is very personal. Use the gearing you are used to well in advance to the event.

The standard TXT gearing of 11×41/42 is good (now 10×39 2019) but you may want to gear the bike up a little to help on the road sections. (check those sprocket bolts!)

DO NOT FIT A 12T front sprox on a GG TXT!

Remember —-one tooth on the front is the equivalent to four on the back.

When changing the front sprocket make sure the circlip is fitted properly.


Cheap lightweight chains are no good for Scotland. Spend your money on a good quality heavy duty chain like Regina or Renthal for example. (there’s a lot of road work in Scotland). DO NOT USE AN O-RING CHAIN! Also renew the chain tensioner pad.


If you use a Keihin Carb (standard on Racing and GP models) we recommend using the richer slide #3 to make the jetting richer mid-range and safer on the road. (especially on a 300) .The#3.5 makes the bike nice and clean in the sections but makes it very weak on the road. If you keep the #3.5 slide it best to use a 48 pilot. If you use a #3 slide its best to use a 45 pilot.


If you want piece of mind regarding fuel tanks then we do the large capacity ones. These are not ‘needed’ because the army do a fantastic job with the fuelling service. However, if you want to relax about running out of fuel the best tank is now the TXT ‘CONTACT’ model tank which fits perfect on any TXT RACING or GP model. This is not just so we can make money either! Its peace of mind for you. You may get stuck on the moors, get lost or your bike might fall over whilst viewing a section. The CONTACT model tanks are available and are £139.99 inc vat. Part number BT76001CT-CFW-1-R


We also can supply the auxiliary plastic fuel tanks that fit where your front number plate is attached.



Please use the choke on the road. Keep easing off to the ‘rich’ spot is the best technique. Tip; vary your speed and throttle when you are on the road. Holding the throttle in a constant place on any 2 stroke is fatal. The engine will run very weak, detonate and easily seize up. Always ride a with a finger hovering the clutch lever. If you feel the engine tighten or if the piston ‘nips’, pull that clutch lever fast ! If you seize the piston, don’t panic. Let the engine cool down a little and try and push the kickstart down. If the kickstart is absolutely solid, you are in trouble ! The cylinder needs to be removed and renewed with a new piston. If the kickstart will push down, you’ve been lucky. Start the bike and carry on, steadily for a while. The engine will rattle but usually quietens down after a few miles.



Fit new handlebar grips with glue and also wire them on. There are many grips on the market and we love both the Renthal and S3 Brands. I would use personally use Renthal mediums.


Check all nuts & bolts around your bike.

DON’T forget a front mudguard flap and wider the mudguard with Duct-tape !


Use a decent watch with a countdown.
Do not let one else work your time card out for you. Learn to do it yourself!
Simply add to the time limit your lunch, all delays and final control to paddock


Start time ————— 10.00am

Time limit   ————-   7.00 hrs

Lunch  ——————    0.15 minutes

Delay 1 ——————   0.20 minutes

Delay 2 ——————   0.12 minutes

Time back to paddock – 0.30 minutes

77 minutes of extra time = 1h 17mintes (add this to start time)

Total running time —— 8 hrs 17 minutes

Bike in paddock ——— 18.17pm






The SSDT committee are quite strict in the paddock regards to anyone else working on your bike so make sure you are able to carry out the work yourself.

Our SSDT service that you register to enables you to use our facilities, buy spare parts and get advice. It does not get you your own personal mechanic for the week, sorry.

GGUK services / shop in the paddock open at 9am on Sunday MAY 5th



SSDT what to wear and what to carry 2019





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