Gas Gas Trial GP 2019

Gas Gas Trial GP 2019 – What’s New!

Closed-Core Coil – Cylinder Head and Insert from S3 – Three Position Clutch Pre-load – Two-Piece Clutch Cover – Kevlar Clutch Plates – SKF Crankshaft Main Bearings – Stainless Steel Fasteners – Primary Pinion with Conical Crankshaft Connection – Aluminium S3 Hard Rock Footrests – 2019 TXT Racing Model Progressive Rear Suspension Linkage – 2019 TXT Racing Model Swinging Arm and Parts – FIM Approved Brake Disc – Re-Machined Rear Wheel Rim – Ohlins Rear Shock Absorber – Carbon Fibre Air Filter Box – Carbon Fibre Exhaust Protector – Throttle Cable with Air Regulator – Front Brake Master Cylinder in Red – Renthal Handlebar and Protector – Lightweight Red Anodised Front Fork Clamps – Front Mudguard and Brace – Tech ‘GP’ Front Forks – Michelin X11 Tyres – Red Silicone Cooling Hoses.

Gas Gas Trial GP 2019

This iconic off-road brand presents the new Trial GP model as an impressive ‘Factory’ machine which takes a step beyond the revolution experienced by the latest TXT Racing range. The addition of an extensive list of racing parts makes it one of the best, with very high-specification parts fitted throughout. As an exclusive Trial GP model range with four engine capacities: 125/250/280 and 300cc, no doubt the limited production run of only 800 units worldwide will make it very attractive to the discerning customer.

Engine: The power starts inside, with the high-performance engine that features new crankshaft bearings to ensure the perfect lubrication of the assembly and a smooth power delivery. A change in its design now makes it possible to maintain the crankshaft seals easily and comfortably without splitting the engine cases. The carbon fibre air filter box allows the engine to breathe efficiently, and a new throttle cable is fitted with an air regulator so that the rider can adjust the carburation to their taste in the easiest and most comfortable way. The incorporation of a new S3 branded cylinder head and inserts, together with the new clutch and Kevlar friction plates with three-position variable preload adjustments, have increased the performance of the powerful Gas Gas engines even more. For ease of access a new clutch cover divided into two parts is also fitted, which allows for easy inspection and maintenance of the clutch plates.

Suspension: The chassis and rear swinging arm mounting is new and has seen the greatest transformation with respect to previous models, making it now lighter and more effective. The use of a new progressive linkage system attached to the Ohlin shock absorber has given the Gas Gas competition team such great results in the World Championship. New, effective, ideas and components such as the chain guide, which is now easily removable without needing to disassemble the swinging arm and the easy-to-assemble chain tensioner is more than welcome, as are new linkage bearings with protection. Also complementing the rear of the machine is a FIM-sanctioned brake disc with guard fastened directly to the brake calliper and a new guide for the rear brake hose. The lightweight black competition rims mirror the ones used by the top riders. High precision and feel at the front starts with the suspension supplied by the Tech brand and is held in positon by the lightweight red anodised yokes and clamps, which in turn provide the location for the Renthal handlebars and protector. Also featured are new front brake and clutch master cylinder assemblies and the new design of the front mudguard and brace.

Aesthetics: This 2019 model carries the unmistakable sign of being an authentic race-ready limited edition, highlighted with its distinctive numbered stainless-steel plate. The Trial GP look is further enhanced with its attractive, aggressive image dominated by stainless steel fasteners with black and red colours in order to authenticate the racing character of a model 100% ready for competition.

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