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Now at the height of summer with August knocking on the door, we are sharing the latest edition of our Gas Gas Weekly News with you. And we are starting with a review of the latest news: in this case the naming of Marc Colomer as the new Sports Manager at Gas Gas.

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The involvement of the four times World Trial Champion in the new Gas Gas project has been growing and growing since his incorporation. And now, he is to combine his previous functions as Technical Assessor in the R and D department of trial with the functios of the new Sports Manager at Gas Gas after a season full of successes for the Gas Gas FG Trial Factory Team. Our brand is back with a vegeance in the World Championship, winning the Trial125 and Trial2 titles thanks to the magnificent season’s work from Jack Peace and Jack Price.

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There is still one event left both for trial as well as enduro. But while most riders take advantage of the holidays to take a break and have a rest, some of our riders have taken the opportunity to travel to the other side of the Atlantic and take part in the UP TAXCO Moto Trial 2016. A simply fantastic weekend which brought the world of trial to the city dwellers of Mexico, with parallel races and obstacles. We recommend you check out the videos on our Gas Gas Facebook page.

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You just can’t believe how these guys love their trial! And you’ve got to believe how we like to see them at the top, as the Gas Gas bikes of Franzi KadlecArnau Farréand Jack Price took over the podium in a race with an incredible atmosphere. Well done boys! Thanks for letting us fly so high and thanks too to our man in Mexico, David Cobos, for all the support he provided in the land of the Aztecs. We’re just one big happy family.

In most countries the pace of competitions is more relaxed during the summer. However, this is not the case in the UK, where last weekend the three days of trial of Reeth was held. An event, which although did not have the presence of our two World Champions did have the presence of riders such as Dan Thorpe (13th) and his wife Katy Sunter (28th), also Alexz Wigg (17th) and, of the latest addition to the JST Gas Gas UK, young Tom Minta (9th). A good preparation for the two days they have ahead of them this coming weekend at the British Trial Championship.

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Another place where activity is not slowing down but increasing is at the Jordi Pascuet Off-Road Centre. Just a month ago we talked about the return of the rider from the Seu de Urgell to Gas Gas. The result of this crossing of paths can now be seen and tried thanks to the fleet of Gas Gas TXT Racing trial bikes and Gas Gas EC Racing enduro bikes which our ambassador in the heart of the Pyrenees is so lucky to have for the innumerable activities, summer camps and courses he organizes.

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Nor is there a summer break in Salt with our unceasing activity to supply our products to a network of distributors and importers. Whenever they have the chance they take the opportunity to visit us and see our dream factory where we bring to life all the Gas Gas models such as the TXTand EC Racing, the Contact Trial and the little electric bikes,eKids (T12 / E12 / S12). This is a family of products to which has been united in total efficiency, the production of their sister products from Torrot, such as the new Muvi, the Citysurfer or the wide Kidsrange in all their different trial, enduro and supermotard versions. It’s great to see the factory and for this reason, week after week, we have visits from our family of importers and distributors.

So with these welcome guests we say goodbye to all of you until the next Gas Gas Weekly News. Enjoy your summer and your summer break.

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