GasGas back on the podium in Marseille

Jeroni Fajardo gets up onto the second level of the podium after fighting in the final of the next-to-last round of the X-Trial World Championship.

If in Granada it was Jaime Busto’s turn, this time in Marseille it was Jeroni Fajardo who fought tooth and nail for victory until the last minute. His splendid performance at the Palais Des Sports brought GasGas back onto the podium in what was, without a doubt, the most demanding event seen up to now in the X-Trial 2019 World Championship.

Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo made it through to the second round in fifth and sixth places. This was after a qualifying round where the rider from Girona led the first group with only 16 points and so managed to get direct access to his first final of the season.

After an intense final, Fajardo took his GasGas TrialGP 300 to the second level of the podium. This result brings the rider from Girona to fourth place overall, just 3 points from his teammate Jaime Busto, third in the table after finishing sixth today.

Andorra la Vella is to host the last of the six events of the 2019 X-Trial World Championship on April 27th

“Today we got back onto the second level of the podium just as we did in Granada. After the Bilbao event, we set ourselves the goal of entering the final and getting a victory. We completed the first, in Granada with Jaime and in Marseille with Jeroni, and now we have an opportunity to achieve a victory like Jaime did last year. In Andorra, we will fight for it and get the third position of the championship.”

“It was a very special trial where in many zones the level was way over the top. We didn’t manage to pass many and that meant the trial was decided on only a few of those. In the first round I suffered a lot, I qualified in sixth place and that forced me to open zones in the second one. However, I came out determined to give it everything in a very complicated round, managing to finish first and getting through to the final. Toni [Bou] opened the zones, but this trial was very difficult and this time it did not do me any favours. The important thing is the result, a second place that puts us back in the championship with one event to come, a month away in Andorra.”
“Today was a bit of a strange event for all of us. The truth is that things did not go as we wanted. In the first round I made some mistakes but we managed to qualify in fifth place. While in the second round, the zones were very complicated and I lacked a bit of concentration. I want to congratulate my teammate, Jeroni Fajardo, for his podium position today. He did a great second round and he deserved it. Now we have to prepare the last event of the championship in Andorra, where we will arrive looking forward to fight for victory.”
1. Toni Bou Montesa 14 Final
2. Jeroni Fajardo GasGas 30 Final
3. Adam Raga TRRS 7 Runner-up Final
4. Miquel Gelabert Sherco 11 Runner-up Final
5. Benoit Bincaz Beta 21 Round 2
6. Jaime Busto GasGas 23 Round 2
7. Alexandre Ferrer Sherco 22 Round 1
8. Luca Petrella Beta 25 Round 1
9. Téo Colairo GasGas 25 Round 1
1. Toni Bou Montesa 95
2. Adam Raga TRRS 74
3. Jaime Busto GasGas 49
4. Jeroni Fajardo GasGas 46
5. Benoit Bincaz Beta 39
6. Miquel Gelabert Sherco 23
7. Jorge Casales Vertigo 6
8. Gabriel Marcelli Montesa 6
9. Takahisa Fujinami Montesa 6
10. Luca Pretrella Beta 5
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