GasGas really close to podium in Bilbao

Jaime Busto finishes fourth in the Biskaia Arena, followed by his teammate Jeroni Fajardo, finally sixth.

The young Basque rider won his way through to the final for third and fourth place, but could not give back his fans the podium position he won two weeks ago in Barcelona.

The GasGas Trial Factory Team riders made quick work of getting into the second round after finishing third and fourth in the first of the night’s qualifiers. Once in the second round, Busto finished second in his group, earning his direct route to a consolation final, where Jeroni Fajardo was not present for the first time this season, finally sixth in Bilbao.

After this third round of the World Championship, Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo occupy third and fourth positions in the general classification with 30 and 25 points respectively.

The Palacio Municipal de Deportes de Granada will host the fourth round in the X-Trial calendar on Saturday, 23rd February.

“Today we did not achieve the result we hoped for. We were not able to make it into the final and we were not on the podium either. The positive thing is that we maintain the third and fourth places in the general, although the first two classified are a little further away from us. Next week we enter the second half of the championship, where we will work to be able to react and be more competitive. In Granada we want to fight to be in the final”.

Jaime Busto

“The truth is that I’m not too happy with today’s result, because I felt very good and with great enthusiasm and confidence in my GasGas during the first round. I finished third and in the next round I was in the second group, with a rival as strong as Toni [Bou]. I finished close to him, but we could not qualify for the top of the final round. In the fight for third and fourth place, Bincaz did it better. We will continue training to improve for next week in Granada”.

Jeroni Fajardo

“In the first round I managed the classification quite well, with a clean lap, without too many mistakes. I qualified fourth, which paired me in the second round with Raga and Bincaz in the first group. However, this time we could not go to the semi-final, since in the first zone I got a three and then, in the others, I wasn’t able to fight my way back into the race. Despite this, we have to turn over a new leaf and prepare for the next event in Granada with enthusiasm.”

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