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On Saturday we had Round 1 of the British Trials Championship at Hook Woods organised by the Hooks wood Trial Club.

The Team

The event was excellent with perfect severity sections, good observing and nobody complaining, all very positive so congrats to the club.

Team JSTGGUK had a very successful day with a ‘one two’ in the Championship Class with Jack Price winning his first BTC round in the Champ Class and Michael Brown was a close second riding well.

Dan Peace

InchPerfect/JSTGGUK riders Dan Peace was 5th and his brother Jack Peace was 7th in his first ever Champ Class BTC event

Jack Peace

JSTGGUK rider Sam Haslam was 8th.

New Champ rider and Ex Expert Class Champ Tom Minta was 14th and looked excellent in places. He lost 10 on time which was a mistake he is aware of which would have jumped him to 9th.

The results were very close with JP winning on 52 and the top 14 were on less than 100. This proves the sections were spot on.

Michael Brown

This event was perfect for Team JSTGGUK but its going to be a very close Championship this year with at least 5 riders that can win rounds so I don’t think we will dominate every round but I can assure you we’ll be fighting hard.

Dan Thorpe

The Expert Class was won by our anchorman of the Team Dan Thorpe who thrashed everyone with a stunning ride losing half the marks of the runner up man James Fry. Dan never ceases to amaze me and a big reason he won by such a margin because he rides every weekend and I think this was his 8th event this year and its only just turned March!
He is a roll model to any young rider that doesn’t want to ride ‘normal’ trials and refuses to learn their apprenticeship. The mistakes I saw the so called ‘superstars’ make were purely because they never ride normal trials and make dumb mistakes. I advised Jack Price to ride The Wallace last weekend and I think it helped him.

Jack Price

JSTGGUK rider Sam Yeomans was 8th and will improve through the year now that he is riding more and is committing to all BTC rounds this year.

Cloburn/GGUK rider Chris Alford was a good 12th.


5 x Team riders in top 10 Champ Class and a win in the Expert Class…I drove home very proud indeed.


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