GGUK test and open day success

The GGUK Test Day and Open Day was very well received on Saturday which was helped with great weather for this time of year.

A constant flow of test riders enjoyed our new 2015 models and i hoped they all enjoyed their rides..

The PRO250RACING remains the clubman’s favorite with the PRO300RACING also popular with the riders that can respect the awesome torquey power.

The PRO280RACING also surprised many which often gets overlooked. It really is the ‘piggy in the middle’ and shouldn’t be discounted. it’s got the torque of the 300 but has a bit more zip than the 250. All the bikes are helped at the bottom end with the Keihin carbs as standard on the Racing model.

I think the most impressive new 2015 model is the PRO125RACING which has a new crank and cylinder and has made a big difference. The bottom to mid range has improved a lot and I’m confident we still have the best 125 on the market.

The all new 80cc was a popular model on the day with many kids eager to test the bike. The quality of the bike is second to none in its class with most of the parts coming from its big Pro brother.

The bike performs well particularly the smoothness of the power with no snap which is great for slippy UK conditions…

Thanks to all the staff involved on the day at the test venue and back at base at GGHQ.

Thanks to all the Team riders that put on some great demos for the public to enjoy.

Sam Haslam, Shirty and Dan Peace take a break.
Sam Haslam, Shirty and Dan Peace take a break.

Sam Haslam fresh from his Brian Fowler win looked very good and helped young pup Dan Peace on his new 300. Dan is indeed impressive for a 16 year old with a very mature head and will continue to improve. He and his brother Jack are both looking good for the future and I’m proud to have them and such a keen family on board.

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Last but no means least my good friend and long serving GG rider Steve ‘showtime’ Colley was present and can still mix it with the best. He held his own riding with both Sam and Dan and the kids loved his skills with his wheelies and donuts etc..

Apologies for GGUK No.1 rider Michael Brown and also Alexz Wigg for not being there as they were at the NEC bike show doing demos.

Also Dan Thorpe and Katy Sunter are also at the NEC working for Bumpy giving test rides for the public.

Thanks Trialmag for the photos.

Thanks to Tony Kaye from Road and Trials for supporting the day.

John Shirt Jnr.
Director, Team Manager
C/o GAS GAS Motos Ltd

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