Have you had an accident?

Just over three years ago I was at stationary, in my van, at a set of pedestrian crossing lights when my world was suddenly invaded by a large explosion of noise. I was thrown violently forward and the seatbelt did its job as I had been hit from behind by a car. At first I did not realise I had been injured until a few hours after the accident; did I know what to do, who to contact? No!

If you’ve been involved in a car or motorcycle accident it can be extremely traumatic but, while focusing on your recovery is your first priority, ensuring the best legal representation to pursue a compensation claim is also important. If you’re looking for legal representation in the wake of your motorcycle accident or need advice about whether you have legitimate grounds to make a claim, the Serious Injury team at Thorneycroft Solicitors are on your side.

Who are Thorneycroft Solicitors?

Initially formed in 1991, Thorneycroft Solicitors have grown to be one of the leading law firms in the UK. Over the years the firm has developed an outstanding reputation for providing their clients with the highest level of client care, and they always ensure that every legal need is met.

As one of the biggest teams of solicitors in the North West, Thorneycroft Solicitors practice in various areas of law; however, their Catastrophic Injury team has developed a particular specialism in representing clients who have been seriously injured in motorcycle accidents, and they have recovered settlements from £1,000 to £10,000,000 in compensation for their clients following accidents on the road.

The team

The Serious Injury team takes a unique approach, placing equal importance on both securing the medical rehabilitation their clients need to make the best possible recovery as well as helping them secure the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Thorneycroft’s Catastrophic Injury team is led by Mark Belfield, a Director at the firm who has more than 25 years’ experience of dealing with catastrophic injury claims. He has a highly successful reputation in this field, which ensures he has access to the best resources to maximise claims for damages and ensure the optimum recovery for all of Thorneycroft’s serious injury clients.

The team is made up of experienced and passionate individuals who are qualified solicitors and legal executives. Some members of the team have been with the firm for many years while newer members have brought with them the knowledge and expertise they gained in their roles working for some of the country’s biggest law firms. Mark prides himself on ensuring both he and his team always go the extra mile for their clients, which often requires staff members to travel nationwide to meet with their clients ensuring they are getting the rehabilitative treatment they need and if necessary meeting with their caseworkers.

Thanks to the extensive experience that the Serious Injury Team has accrued over many combined years of legal practice the firm has recognised that it is not only the person involved in a motorcycle accident that is affected but their families and loved ones too. They ensure that your family and loved ones are also given the information and support that they need.

From day one, you will have a dedicated legal professional who will act on your behalf and will be immediately accessible by phone, to give your family the information and support that you need so that you will feel confident in the claims process. Their all-encompassing approach means that every aspect of your claim is carefully considered, from liability to rehabilitation.

Liability for motorcycle accidents

When it comes to establishing who is to blame for the motorcycle accident, Thorneycroft’s specialist team will discuss liability in detail with you, helping you to obtain police reports, independent witness statements, and even instruct accident reconstruction experts to determine who was at fault for the accident.

The Serious Injury team is renowned for their tenacious approach to establishing liability. Often where other firms have rejected claims Thorneycroft Solicitors have pursued them to a successful outcome even when clients may have believed that they were at fault for the accident.


Having represented clients who have sustained a variety of motorcycle accident related injuries, Thorneycroft’s Serious Injury team understands that motorcyclists are vulnerable motorists and unfortunately can sustain significant injuries should an accident occur. They are specialists in all serious injuries, including but not limited to the following: Head Injuries including complex, life-changing brain injuries; Spinal cord injuries including paraplegia and quadriplegia; Amputation; Serious Orthopaedic injuries including complicated fractures; De-gloving injuries; Internal Injuries; Psychological Injuries; Chronic Pain; and Scarring.

In order to assess the level of the damages that you should receive you would be examined by a specialist in the field of your injuries. Following an examination, they will provide a detailed report on your injuries and the future implications and effect of the same on your life in the future.

Fatal accidents

Should the worst happen and you are fatally injured in an accident, your dependent family can claim against the at-fault party for financial losses and dependency. For example, they can claim for the costs of the funeral, damaged equipment and, dependant on qualification, financial awards for bereavement and dependency.

In cases involving fatal accidents, Thorneycroft has developed an excellent reputation for handling sensitive matters with unrivalled compassion, understanding and professionalism.


Having worked alongside riders and motorcycle clubs and organisations for many years the Thorneycroft Serious Injury Team knows that when you suffer a serious injury, it can often be
a traumatic and lonely experience, even with the support of your family. That is why the team always aims to maximise your recovery by assisting in your rehabilitation process from the outset.

Where appropriate, they’ll employ a case manager who will assess your treatment requirements and liaise with your treating physicians, as well as arrange private treatment which can significantly speed up your recovery. When you return home, they will assess your home environment and consider whether you require aids and equipment to assist in your daily life. Examples of the type of assistance we can offer are as follows: In-house brain trauma rehabilitation at a specialised private brain injury unit; Spinal injury intensive rehabilitation support; Prosthetic specialists following amputation; Specialised physiotherapy; Counselling; Occupational Therapy; Adapted vehicles; Aids and Equipment; and Workplace assessments.

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