1993: HEBO® was born with the clear intention of creating a specialized line of equipment for motorcycle riders, and its spectacular growth and recognition among users of the brand and especially on Trial, allowed it to become shortly after its creation, in the 1993, the world leader in this demanding field and one of the most recognized brands as well on Enduro segment.

2018 !!! HEBO®, continues to maintain that leadership position in all its disciplines and fighting hard so that every day more users, riders, professionals and non-professionals, use their products as a reference on the 2 wheels world. Reason that bring the Brand to a constant development of new clothing and equipment products to continue with the premises of offering a product with a high component in design and with a proven quality.

With this video, HEBO® commemorates and thanks 25 years of sporting success, thanks to the tenacity of all the riders who, in their different modalities, have always represented the colors of the brand and thanks as well to the commitment of all the distributors who have defended it with passion for the whole world !!!


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