Historic double win for GasGas in the Japanese GP

Jaime Busto achieved his first victory in the TrialGP World Championship today. The young rider from Górliz, who yesterday finished the first day in fifth position, made an excellent performance today. Busto was only penalized 19 points, which he used to win in Motegi.

His GasGas Trial Factory Team teammate, Jeroni Fajardo, yesterday won his first World Championship victory in nine years. Opening areas, the Catalan rider had an almost perfect performance and managed to climb to the top place of the podium. Today Fajardo was only 4 points away from the podium, finishing fourth.

With this historic double win in Japan, the two GasGas riders have added 48 points in the TrialGP World Championship standings and are only 2 points behind the lead. In the three events held so far, there has always been a GasGas rider on the podium and they have won two of the three possible victories.

The TrialGP World Championship will return to Europe for the third round of the championship, the Andorra GP, which will be held on June 16 and 17.

“It’s been a really impressive weekend for the GasGas Trial Factory Team. In addition to the two victories, I would like to highlight the mental strength of Jeroni [Fajardo], who has had to face the two days starting in front, and that is always a handicap. Regarding Jaime [Busto] I would like to highlight the pressure he endured throughout the race, with his top rivals today, Adam [Raga] and Toni [Bou], who were very strong and with a lot of possibilities of winning the race. He came out from behind and has been withstanding pressure throughout the race knowing that he was riding zone by zone, until reaching the 13th.

That’s what I liked most about our two riders over the weekend. They have managed to overcome complicated situations and have shown that they are riding at a high level, wanting to fight, wanting to keep improving. What we have achieved this weekend is very difficult and I think that the whole team is aware that we have to keep working. Now it’s time to enjoy this result and think about the next date in Andorra.”


“I am very happy after getting my first victory in TrialGP this weekend. After starting on Friday by getting the pole position, yesterday I started the first lap with a couple of pretty avoidable mistakes that later, in the second lap, were impossible to make up. We finished quite close to the riders ahead, except Jeroni [Fajardo] who had a great race. But today we started with a lot of will to do well and, although we made a small mistake in zone 2, from there we were at a great level. I felt very comfortable and I am very happy about this first win. Hopefully, it will continue.”


“It’s been a great weekend. I am very happy about my victory, for Jaime’s win and for the whole team. With results like this we are demonstrating that we can be in the lead. Yesterday’s race was brutal, I still can’t believe it. Not only for having won, but because how the race was. I started first, and I started out very strong, with a lot of confidence and making one zero after another. It was spectacular! Now it’s time to think about the next race in Andorra and to continue fighting”.

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