Historic performance of the RG Trial team this weekend!

This is a first for the RG Trial Team: one of the drivers of the team of manager Rudi Geiser finished on the podium of a race in the TrialGP category ! The Spaniard Gabriel Marcelli finished 4th and then 3rd of the two rounds of the world championship contested in Pobladura de las Regueras in Spain. At the foot of the podium on Saturday, he gained a rank in Sunday’s race to get his first podium in just 4 races in TrialGP!

The Spanish rider obtained an exceptional result on Sunday by climbing to 3rd place on the podium. Such a performance is very rare for a trialist driving for the first year in the premier class. 

Gabriel –
Memorable weekend, very happy with the result of Saturday, a fourth position, but even happier with the third position of Sunday, of course a crazy weekend for me and the team, we have the batteries charged and ready for Andorra, now we know we have the level to be in the top 5, so let’s try not to go down from there, thank you very much to the team for the great work this weekend!

Francesc Moret , the other Spaniard on the team, is entered in Trial2. He had a contrasting weekend, with a 15th place on Saturday and a 5th place on Sunday!

Francesc –
This weekend we were in Pobladura de las Regueras. On Saturday we had a really bad day where I only got to be 15th in the ranking, they gave me a very unfair five in the first zone just to start the race and I tried to make up for it but nothing was not good and I made a lot of mistakes per lap … On the other hand, Sunday was much better and I was in 5th position. Making the first two laps a little mediocre by failing too much, I fortunately did a great third lap which brought me closer to the first positions. I was 1 point from the fourth and 10 points from the first two classified … I want to thank my follower, the whole team, Montesa and all the sponsors. This weekend, we are going to Andorra where we will look for the podium!

Englishman Billy Green , also in Trial2, had two complicated heats in Spain. He finished 14th and 16th

Billy –
Another weekend not like I would have liked in Spain. I’m not very far from a good result, I just make too many stupid mistakes, which is costing me dearly at such a level of competition. I am still very motivated and ready for this weekend in Andorra!

A word from the boss of the RG Trial team, Rudi Geiser

Fantastic feat from Gabriel who managed to climb onto the podium in his 4th GP race. His 4th place on Saturday already looked like a nice surprise, but on Sunday he was really on cloud nine! Everything worked wonderfully, great job for the pilot and his follower.
In Trial2, Francesc corrected on Sunday by finishing in a good 5th place. Billy had a tough weekend and he promised to do better this weekend in Andorra. 

The next two rounds of the world championship will take place in Saint Julia in Andorra this Saturday.

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