Historical weekend for GasGas in the Belgium TrialGP

Historical weekend for GasGas in the Belgium  TrialGP. Albert Cabestany has revalidated the TrialE World Championship achieved by the Girona brand in the two previous editions. On board of the GasGas TXE, the Catalan rider has managed to overcome the pressure and achieve the victory in Comblain-au-Pont.

Cabestany arrived in Belgium as leader of the Championship after his undisputable victory in the Netherlands the week before. With this new victory in Belgium he has become the new undisputed winner of the Trial-E Championship. GasGas collects the three TrialE World Championships that have taken place so far. The GasGas TXE is the only electric motorcycle manufactured in series, with mechanical clutch and a six-speed gearbox. Gianluca Tournour finished third in both the Belgian event and the Trial-E world Championship, demonstrating again the technological commitment and the hegemony of GasGas in this new class, the future for the sport of trial.

In TrialGP, Jeroni Fajardo finished in second position. He battled side by side with Toni Bou until the last section of the race. Fajardo was leading the race at the end of the first round, showing once again his great momentum and the efficiency of his GasGas motorcycle. The third classified finished with twice as many penalty points as Fajardo. With this result, Jeroni Fajardo climbs up to the third position in the general classification of the TrialGP World Championship.

The TrialGP World Championship will return on the weekend of July 13 and 14 in Portugal.

Jeroni Fajardo

“We have had a very good weekend. I have driven very well, just making a few mistakes on the demanding trial sections of this race. I have been battling face to face with Toni (Bou) and already in the first lap we opened a big gap with the other competitors. The last sections were very difficult and although I rode well, we missed victory by only 3 points. We have recovered the third position of the championship and we are in the fight for the sub-championship. My thanks to the team for the great effort everyone is doing at GasGas.”


Albert Cabestany

“The best way to reward the GasGas team for the warm welcome they have given me was by winning the title, which in fact we have achieved all together. The bike performed perfectly, and the work of the whole team was very well synchronized. We have showed the potential of this electric bike and we are confident to be working on the right track. Again, I want to congratulate the whole team and thank them for trusting on me, we are motivated to look ahead on this project.”

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