Inauguration of the FIM Headquarters

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On 12 May 2016, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) inaugurated its new Headquarters situated in Mies (Canton de Vaud, Switzerland). 

This celebration was attended by over 120 participants including Members of the FIM Board of Directors, Commission Directors, Representatives of National Federations, promoters, sponsors and local partners, as well former champions, members of the local authorities and members of the FIM Administration.

In presence of the Head of the Department of Economy and Sports of the Canton of Vaud, Mr Philippe Leuba, President Vito Ippolito, accompanied by the building’s architect Antoine Robert-Grandpierre, cut the inaugural ribbon – declaring the new “House of Motorcycling” officially opened.

“Upon my arrival to the presidency of the FIM, I wanted for our Federation a clear vision and strategic plan: this led to the Vision 2020 with ambitious growth targets. With the significant development of motorcycling and in order to achieve its objectives, the expansion of the FIM Headquarters became inevitable”, stated the President.

To commemorate this unique day, an inaugural plaque was unveiled and official speeches were pronounced in the brand new and fully equipped Auditorium. The FIM CEO, Mr Ignacio Verneda, took the opportunity to highlight three key words: continuity, link and commitment. “Our daily commitment is to improve the FIM services towards the FIM family and stakeholders. This modern building offers a comfortable working environment providing facilities to accommodate the whole FIM family for any type of meetings or events: seminars to educate our Officials, commissions’ gatherings, conferences or exhibitions”.

To conclude this unique day, the participants had the opportunity to walk around the transparent and modular new FIM building and explore the offices and the exhibition spaces around the elegant central staircase. A number of unique vintage motorcycles are currently on display in the building, including an Indian from 1904 belonging to the FIM’s permanent collection built in the year the FIM was created.

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