INCH PERFECT TEST DAY 26th January 2018

If you are into trials then you can’t have missed the rapid rise of Inch Perfect as one of the UK’s leading trials dealers offering a huge range of machines, equipment, clothing and accessories for the sport.

Deep into the depths of January Matthew Alpe, who began his thriving business in 2011 held his second Test Day where machines from Beta, Gas Gas, Scorpa and Montesa were available to test ride on the wonderful terrain with which he is blessed to run his business from.

Not only is the available test land superb so was the weather on the day with bright sunshine and blue skies proving ideal conditions for nearly 80 trials fans to try out the available machines in 15 minute sessions.

It was simply a come and try out day with no restrictions and both hot homemade food and hot drinks available to all. Beta importer John Lampkin was on hand to advise riders about his Italian made machines as was John Shirt who had both a 250 and 300 Gas Gas available for riding.

Scorpa importer Nigel Birkett had three bikes from 125 up to 300 for test whilst the Montesa Cota 300RR four-stroke and Montesa Cota 4Ride trail bike were available to compare against the two strokes. Beta also had the 300 four stroke on hand to vie with the Montesas.

Both John Shirt and John Lampkin have long term experience of test days and voted Inch Perfect’s second go as very good at a great venue with weather to match.

John Lampkin said that they had been busy from the word go with everything well organised from signing in to allocating machines folks wanted to ride, and a common theme from the experienced importers was the excellent impression Matthew Alpe gives to his clientele from his superb showroom through to his workshop facilities, his experience days which run throughout the year and the attitude from both himself and his staff to how they develop the business.

Nigel Birkett said it was a very well organised day, a “proper job” in fact and the reaction to his machines, especially the new Factory Scorpa was superb.

Certainly the test day was a great success and with Inch Perfect’s all round enthusiasm for the sport, everybody interested in trials can only benefit from Alpe’s enthusiasm.


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