Interview with Albert Casanovas – Gas Gas

“The level in the TrialE Cup has gone up and that gives our victories more prestige”

In the first edition of the TrialE Cup, the GasGas TXE stood out above the rest and with Marc Colomer riding it became the first World Champion bike in electric trial. A year later, and despite the evolution of the other brands as pointed out by Albert Casanovas, Loris Gubian and the TXE are still better than their competitors and together with Torrot have managed to win the title again in a two-event championship, which could be three events in 2019.

After the GasGas TXE, with Torrot technology, won the world electric trial Championship -the TrialE Cup-, what is your assessment of this, the second year in the competition?
“On balance it is a very positive one. It has been a more competitive year, since a power competitor like Yamaha has come to fight for the title and this gives still more prestige to our victory. We can not forget that the rest of the competitors have also worked hard this year and have raised the level remarkably.”

This year the competition has increased and also the World Championship is disputed to two tests – and not one like last year – how has that affected the championship?
“The championship has really evolved. We have seen world class trial riders participating in this event. The fact of competing in two events left the doors open to victory for several riders until the last moment, but in the end we made it come our way. For next year, I’m going to speak with the FIM so that the championship can have of three events.”

What details of the TXE do you think have helped Loris Gubian to make a difference compared to the rest of the competitors?
“One of the great advantages of our TXE is that it has the same crankcase as the 2-stroke bike and that means it can work with the gearbox and the clutch just like a 2-stroke bike. This has allowed us to make a difference. Also, that the frame and suspension is the same as the conventional motorcycle.”

The Torrot – GasGas combination has allowed us to create an innovative, winning product, as has already been amply demonstrated. What does Torrot contribute to this union?
“The Torrot’s participation has allowed GasGas to put all the technology that Torrot dominates on electric bikes and that additional plus that has given us the chance to create a 100% competitive motorcycle. It has been great help and a great contribution.”

And what do you think of the evolution of the GasGas brand and its sporting performance this season?
“Since Torrot’s entry, the entire range of GasGas products has evolved. We have manufactured a new enduro, we have worked hard on the evolution of the trial bike and we have created new models. As for sports performance, we have also made a comeback since the arrival of Torrot, you just have to look at the results. In TrialGP we are being very consistent and we finish almost all the events with Jaime [Busto] or Jeroni [Fajardo], or both, on the podium. In addition, we are the only brand that this year that has managed to beat Toni Bou.”

How did Loris Gubian’s adaptation process to the TXE and the team go?
“We mustn’t forget Loris’ [Gubian] level. He is a top 15 rider in the GP 1 World Championship. His adaptation to the bike was incredibly easy. It has been a very fast, satisfactory process, right from the beginning he felt very comfortable with the TXE.”


“Marc Colomer and Loris Gubian have formed a winning duo and that has been reflected in the zones”


What role have both Loris Gubian and Marc Colomer played in the development of the bike?
“Marc [Colomer] has done a sensational job in the set-up of the bike and Loris what he has had to do is set-up the bike to be more to his liking. They have formed a winning duo and that has been reflected in the zones.”

In what ways has it improved compared to last season?
“The bike is taken from a production motorcycle and is what electric trial lovers can buy. It is a reliable motorcycle with high quality components. Last year’s version was still in the prototype phase. The production of the TXE will begin in November.”

What other details would you highlight from this pioneering electric trial bike?
“The ease of riding and the power that it can produce. Honestly, I think we have made a great start in the electric trial world.”

Soon it will be available to the public and can be even reserved. What will the trial bike rider find in the TXE?
“The rider will find a motorcycle that is easy to ride, reliable and with a variety of important powers. We can definitely say it’s a great electric motorcycle.”

In the TrialGP World Championship, the results of the GasGas Factory Team are also very good, what is your assessment of the season up to now? And your forecast for what is left to come?
“We are very happy with the performance and the results. We have got a sensational human team where everyone knows what they have to do and that helps us achieve these magnificent results. Jeroni Fajardo is having a historic season and occupies the provisional second place in the World Championship. He is riding with a precision that he had not seen for years.

Jaime Busto is all youth and daily progress. We are happy with the result of each race and with his genius in his riding. For me it has been a great find both professionally and personally. It is a closed box that is beginning to open and that has a future we can’t imagine.

Together we will fight for victory in each trial, no matter how difficult it may be. I can only congratulate everyone who forms a part of the GasGas Factory Team for the magnificent results his year: Familia Favro, mechanics, helpers, Marc Colomer, Salva García and of course Jeroni and Jaime.”

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