Interview with Gas Gas’ Jaime Busto

“The first victory feels really good but our goal is to try to get the World Championship”

The GasGas Trial Factory Team rider got its first victory in the X-Trial World Championship last Saturday with only a few months of adaptation to the GasGas TXT.

For Jaime Busto, the young Basque rider, last Saturday’s Paris X-Trial will always be something special. The young GasGas Trial Factory Team rider chalked up his first victory in the X-Trial World Championship by beating Adam Raga in an exciting final. He left the great Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami behind in the semi-finals. But the Basque rider is not satisfied with this first triumph and confesses that his final goal is to fight for the title in the future, while facing the TrialGP World Championship due to begin on May 19th with optimism.

How does it feel to get a victory in the X-Trial World Championship?
“Getting the first victory in the X-Trial World Championship is very important for me and for GasGas. For my part, I had never won a race in this competition and, on the other hand, it is GasGas’ first triumph after the purchase by Torrot in 2015. I am very happy, because we have achieved it in my first year in the GasGas Trial Factory Team, with a new bike for me and with a new competition system. In short, I am very happy because it has been proven that we already have a good feeling for the bike.”

You beat a champion like Adam Raga in the grand finale. How did you control your nerves at the time?
“The final against Adam [Raga] was very difficult. I faced the zones after him and he made very few mistakes. Despite that, I controlled the pressure of the moment very well. I am very happy with the victory, but also for having been able to manage my nerves in that situation. That was what allowed me to take advantage of Raga’s mistake in the fifth zone and get my victory.”

What did it mean for you to finish first in Paris?
“I ended up very happy to have won in Paris. I had never competed there and the truth is that I felt very comfortable. This first victory can help to give us extra motivation in the rest of the year.”

At only 20 years old you have already achieved a World Championship victory, how far do you want to go in the future?
“The first victory always feels really good but our goal is to try to get the World Championship. This year, with Toni [Bou’s] victory it is already impossible in X-Trial, but we will give everything we’ve got to be champions, starting with the TrialGP Championship starting in May.”

Have you made any changes to your work routine compared to previous seasons?
“The truth is that this season, we have focused mainly on adapting to the bike. We started the season very well, but in the following races things got a bit complicated. We had been training very hard to get the most out of our GasGas bike. The week before Paris I was mentally very well prepared, I felt very strong and finally we got it.”

“The coming race in the X-Trial World Championship is very important because we are competing for third place in the overall standings and right now that is our number one objective”

Now that you have competed in 6 World Championship events with GasGas, what do you think your strengths are on this bike?
“With this bike I feel much more comfortable especially with the big obstacles. Now I can get up them much more easily. I also feel very good in the starts on slippery terrain. Possibly those were the points where I felt weaker before. Those small details help us improve and make all the difference.”

And how has it been working with the GasGas Trial Factory Team during this first half of the season?
“I am finding it very easy to work with GasGas. The professional environment is very good and we have changed a bit our work routine. The team has added to my side the figure of a coach, Salva García, who has a lot of experience. All this and the group of professionals led by Marc Colomer makes me feel more secure and strong than ever, after overcoming the logical adaptation period. The whole team plays their part and we are all working together to achieve our objectives. Thanks to everyone we get the bike to be a little better every day and I think we are definitely going in the right direction.”

And with your team mate Jeroni Fajardo?
“Jeroni is a great rider with a lot of experience. When we have been training together he has always helped me and I have tried to help him. His experience can bring a lot to me and also the team, and I think this will be a great year for both of us.”

There is one event left for the X-Trial World Championship in Budapest. How are you dealing with it?
“The remaining race is very important because we are competing for third place in the overall standings and right now that is our number one objective. We hope to perform well in Budapest and achieve a result that gets us into third place.”

And in May you will start the TrialGP World Championship. How do you see it?
“In two months this championship starts and I think we can do even better there. We will be more adapted to the bike and we will have had more riding time. We are really keen to put on a good show. It’s a totally different World Championship from the X-Trial and we’ll see what we can do there.”

What is the biggest difference between the two disciplines? And which of the two is your favourite?
There is a lot of difference. The last X-Trial races have been very similar, with very similar zones. There are areas that are always dry, but they can fool you a lot too, because they are slippery. On the other hand, TrialGP is much more random. Sometimes it rains, other times we race on dry terrain… and that makes it different. I’ve always liked ‘indoor’ more, but this year I think we can do much better ‘outdoors’.”

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