Interview with GasGas’ Busto and Fajardo

“Our dream is to fight for the world title”

After the historic GasGas double in the Japan GP, ​​Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo review their great start in the TrialGP World Championship and their ambitious goals in this contest.

Since September 13, 2015 in the Spanish GP, no GasGas rider has stepped on the top of the podium in the TrialGP World Championship. However, this weekend the GasGas Trial Factory Team riders, Jeroni Fajardo and Jaime Busto, have brought the brand back to the top with their two historic victories in Motegi. GasGas has brilliantly started this contest by finishing on the podium in all the races and taking these two wins in Japan. These results place GasGas as the leader in the World Manufacturers’ Championship and place Busto and Fajardo as candidates in the fight for title of World Champion.

How did you feel competing this weekend and, above all, after achieving your respective victories in Japan?
Jaime Busto: “It was a very positive weekend for the whole team. After not feeling good and making some mistakes on Saturday, on Sunday we went all out and I won my first race. The truth is that it went very well and we are very happy with this weekend in Japan.”

Jeroni Fajardo: “It’s been a great weekend. I felt very good on the bike both on Saturday and Sunday. Winning a race is something very special.”

In the three races held in the TrialGP World Championship there has always been a GasGas rider on the podium and the team has taken two of three possible victories; what do you take from this great start to the championship?
JB: “The start of the championship has been very good. Starting the first race in Camprodón with a second place was incredible. And in the second round, although Saturday was not so good, on Sunday I got my first victory. We are very happy, now we have to continue training hard and continue with the same momentum.”

JF: “With this race we arrived at the first third of the championship and I think the take-away is very positive, because we have fought in all the races and we have achieved very good results. I think that this season will be a very contested championship.”

Judging by the results, the adaptation to the GasGas TXT is remarkable; how do you feel riding this motorcycle and what does it bring to the table?
JB: “I feel great riding the GasGas bike and we are fully adapted. The bike works amazingly and the team is doing a magnificent job. I think that thanks to all that we are where we are. ”

JF: “The TXT is a great motorcycle. Personally, I think it gives me an advantage, because it helps you get over obstacles when you really trust it. With this bike, you can decide to push it, always knowing that the bike will help you and that you might arrive and score a zero thanks to it.”


“Having Marc Colomer helps us a lot. He has so much experience and we notice that a lot when training and working to improve.”


It appears that you all are a very close-knit group in the GasGas Trial Factory Team; is that one of the secrets to your team performance?
JB: “The team does a great job. Also, being able to be with Jeroni Fajardo, who has so much experience in trial, is something that helps me a lot in my day to day. All of that together is helping us achieve these results.”

JF: “Yes, the truth is that we all get along very well with the team. I think it’s important, more than anything that everyone is relaxed, that there is no tension. It is very important to have a good connection with your colleagues and be able to enjoy the weekend. In the end, we spend a lot of days of the year together and we must get on well.”

How does working with a World Champion like Marc Colomer help you in the GasGas Trial Factory Team?
JB: “Having Marc Colomer helps us a lot. He has so much experience and we both Jeroni and I notice that a lot when training and working to improve. In our day to day, his knowledge is a great help. ”

JF: “About Marc Colomer, there are so many things to say. I think having a World Champion by your side, on the team, helps us every day and brings solutions. These are small details that a person of his level, of his experience, can solve, and these little details at the end of the championship or race make a difference.”

You are now amongst the ranks of the big names in trial, like Bou and Raga; how far do you think you can go this TrialGP season?
JB: “This weekend has been very positive because we have been ahead of Toni [Bou] and Adam [Raga]. Until now they were ahead of us and this result gives us confidence. From now on we will try to continue like this, fighting for victories, and our objective should be to try to win races. And, while we’re at it, why not try to win the title?”.

JF: “In this 2018 season I think we can go for everything. We are demonstrating day by day that we can fight for any place on the podium. Being amongst the first three in the championship is very difficult, since there is a lot of competition but our dream is make it even further and to be runner-up or to fight with Toni [Bou] or whoever it is, for the title.”

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