Interview with Jeroni Fajardo

“Coming back to GasGas has made my dream come true”

After coming second in the TrialGP World Championship, Jeroni Fajardo reviews his outdoor season and analyses the keys to his excellent results on the GasGas TXT.

Last Sunday, Jeroni Fajardo finished the TrialGP World Championship season with a second place overall, culminating a very good year on his return to GasGas. The Catalan rider has finished 6 times in the top three, one of them the victory in Motegi, Japan. Jeroni’s assessment of the situation, while still having to finish the Spanish Championship, is very positive and a good part of this is due to the good connection that exists between rider, bike and team.

What does it mean to you to win a second position in TrialGP?
“For me it is a confirmation, a satisfaction… many things. There are many sensations together in a single moment. What is clear is that it is a great joy for everyone because we have achieved the goal that we set ourselves at the beginning of the year, to get a good position in the World Championship.”

How did you feel in the last race where you confirmed the second position overall?
“Sunday’s was not a perfect event but it did help us to get on the podium, controlling the race to keep two points ahead of the rider classified third. I can only say that I am very happy and I want to thank the team for the great work and effort made to achieve this excellent result.”

What do you think are the keys to this second position overall?
“Coming back to GasGas has made my dream come true. It is a bike I had always felt very comfortable with and now coming back to it, I have found a motorcycle that is even more evolved and works even better than before. That helps me live this second youth. Also the great relationship we have among the whole team. It’s a set of factors that have given me the possibility of getting back to the top again.”

What part of this success achieving this result is down to the TXT Racing?
“The TXT is very much the reason for this success. It is an impressive bike, with incredible potential and I’m sure we have not yet got the best out of it, one hundred percent. This gives you a bonus in security that makes a difference when you take stock at the end of the championship.”

What do you think your strengths have been on the TXT Racing?
“My strengths this season have perhaps been the added benefit that this bike gives you in situations of great difficulty. In some races we have been able to get an advantage in places where other people could not pass. The pity is that the Championship was not too demanding and we were unable to take advantage of these situations in all the races, but in some of them the opportunity has been there and we have been able to make a difference.”

“Jaime [Busto] is an incredible rider who has given me a lot of freshness and that point of competitiveness.”

And which ones would you like to improve?
“Looking forward to next year I would like to have a little more peace of mind when it comes to riding. In the World Championship races, with 15 zones you have to be prepared to complete very difficult areas but also to pass other quite easy ones safely. This is where we have to gain some peace of mind in order not to make mistakes and improve in this aspect.”

What has sharing a team with Jaime Busto brought you this year?
“Jaime is an incredible rider, very young and he has given me a lot of freshness and that point of competitiveness. When you are alone in a team and at the end if things do not go well you might think that it is not your fault, that it is because of the bike or the team. On the other hand, the fact that there are two riders often makes you see that no, that the other rider manages to do what you don’t and that helps both me and the other rider. It is always positive that there are two riders in the same team.”

GasGas has launched the renewed TXT, what do you think about the changes that have been introduced in the new bike?
“The changes that have been made on the bike have been very positive. We have improved the rear suspension a lot, which is now much more solid and much more consistent. Also in the clutch cover we have had a substantial improvement in terms of stability. The clutch is now more consistent throughout a race, works much better and flexes less. As riders, we appreciate these two improvements.”

And now, what are your next goals?
“The season is not over yet. The Outdoor World Championship is over, which is perhaps the most important thing, but the Spanish Outdoor Championship is still in play and after all, there are the same riders fighting with each other. We are all very close in the classification, Toni Bou stood out a bit last racing weekend in León where I had the injury and I could not race very well. But Jaime [Busto], Albert Cabestany and even Adam Raga, who missed the first event, and myself are very close with our points. The goal is to try to fight in this Championship and also get a good result.”


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