It’s Time for Christmas Gifts @Trial Magazine

Save the pre-Christmas hassle of finding a superb Christmas gift for the motorcycle trials riders and order well in time for that special day from the comfort of your own home.

Go into the Shop for your DVDs on the dropdown toolbar at the top of the page, click, view and order away 24/7, yes it’s our 24 hour shop.

Remember to select the correct postage when you order your items.

UK: £2.99

Rest of the World: £5.99

Training with Toni Bou

This is Toni Bous ultimate guide to motorcycle trials. Enjoy your time with the King of trials and learn about training and techniques.

£22.99 + P/P

Basic Training with Dan Thorpe

The easiest and quickest way for the majority of trials riders to improve their basic skills and more.

£19.99 + P/P

2017 Scottish Six Days Trial

Sit back and enjoy six days of trials riding in the comfort of your own home.

£19.99 + P/P

2017 Pre-65 Scottish

For some rides this is the ultimate Pre-65 trial. Enjoy the nostalgia at home.

£19.99 + P/P

2017 Scott Trial

The ultimate test of man and machine can be watched and enjoyed or tempt you to enter.

£19.99 + P/P

2017 Trials Review

A full round of the 2017 trials season can be found on this excellent review of the UK scene.

£19.99 + P/P




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