Jack Sheppard – It Gets Beta

J2 (Small)After a tough two seasons riding in the WTC Pro Class Jack Sheppard has returned home to his roots in Great Britain for the 2016 trials season. Trials Media asked a few questions at a recent test session with his new Beta 300.

Words and Pictures: Trials Media

Beta UK Importer John Lampkin with Jack Sheppard

TM: Welcome home

Shep: It’s good to be back despite the cooler weather. I will be based back at my parents after they thought they had got rid of me… Joking! Pampered at home… how goods that!

J4 (Small)TM: Back in GBR

Shep: Yes back in good old ‘Blighty’ after living out of a gearbag around the world for so long. The last two years on the WTC circuit have been tough to say the least. The Jotagas journey had run its course and I could not commit to another year in the WTC as nothing was confirmed with sponsorship and so it’s back to my ‘Roots’ for 12 months.

J3 (Small)TM: What’s the plan?

Shep: A full season of events in the UK to include the BTC, SSDT, Scott and as many Nationals as possible. I need to start enjoying my trials and there’s no better place than at home and the UK trials scene.

The new Beta 300cc is very Good

TM: And you have a new Beta 300cc

Shep: Correct I spoke with the UK Beta importer John Lampkin and he has supplied a standard Beta 300cc. The Beta connection with John goes back to my Youth trials days so the phone call was an easy one to make.


TM: How good is it?

Shep: Very, very good for a standard machine. I have removed the flywheel weights and just made a few adjustments to get comfortable on it. It’s going to take some getting used to as everything works so well to what I have been used to but the power delivery and suspension work so well together.

Scott Cannon from Apico who will supply Jack with Hebo Boots and Helmets

TM: Is the WTC dream over?

Shep: I am not 100% sure. I am still only 22 years old and personally feel that the return to the UK is just a side step. I will see how the 2016 season pans out and let’s see after that, my phone is always turned on…


TM: It’s good to see you back

Shep: The BTC will be my main priority; I might just do my home WTC round as the Beta certainly inspires your confidence. I would like to thank all my sponsors and supporters over the last few seasons for the opportunity to ride in the WTC. If 2016 turns into a good solid year then the return to the WTC could be on the cards, as a said my phones always turned on…

J9 (Small)

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