James Dabill gets into the final round of the X-Trial Race in Nice

The British rider from the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team finishes off the X-Trial season by easily reaching the final, but pipped at the post for a podium finish by just one second in the tie-breaking speed section. Franz Kadlec finishes his first season in the FIM X-Trial World Championship in eighth position. 

James Dabill’s progress throughout the FIM X-trial World Championship has become patently clear in all the events of the season, and finally the British rider has been able to show his excellent adaptation to the Gas Gas TXT 300 Racing and its high quality by getting into the final round. Dabill managed to win his passport to the big final after solidly completing the classifying round where he was only penalised with 5 points in the last section.  In fact, regarding this setback, none of the riders were able to complete this section without picking up penalty points

In the final, James Dabill once again demonstrated an incredible level of riding mastery with the TXT 300. And although he achieved the same amount of penalty points as the rider classified in third position, the Spanish rider Jeroni Fajardo, he lost a second in the tie-breaking speed section which cost him the podium. 

Now the British rider is concentrating on the World Outdoor that gets under way in Camprodón on 13th May where he’s sure to get the podium position he so deserves.

Franz Kadlec, on the other hand, also put on a good show in Nice, and closes what has been his first season of adaptation to World X-Trial with an eighth position, and also showing clear improvement in his riding.

X-Trial of Nice 2017 X-Trial
1. T. Bou 0 1. T. Bou 80
2. A. Raga 6 2. A. Raga 60
3. J. Fajardo 13 3. J. Fajardo 37
4. J. Dabill (Gas Gas) 13 6. J. Dabill (Gas Gas) 19
8. F. Kadlec (Gas Gas) 17 8. F. Kadlec (Gas Gas) 5

Photos – GasGas

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