Jeroni Fajardo and GasGas win bronze medal in the X-Trial World Championship

The rider from Girona wins third place in the 2019 X-Trial World Championship after climbing again on to the podium in Andorra.

The 2019 X-Trial season drew to a close today at the sports centre in Andorra la Vella at the indoor event where Jeroni Fajardo and Jaime Busto finished in third and fourth places overall, with 58 and 51 points respectively.

Jeroni Fajardo, with the fourth best score in the first round, took the fast route getting into the second round where Jaime Busto, eighth, was unable to make it through. Once in the next round, giving access to the final, Jeroni Fajardo’s second place was carried through by the rider from Girona right the way to an intensely close runner-up final where Jorge Casales finally broke through to third place in Andorra.

Fajardo closes the indoor season in third place overall after having climbed on to the podium three times: Budapest, Marseille and finally in Andorra. Accompanied by his teammate, Jaime Busto, finally fourth in the championship after also being on the podium in Barcelona and Granada, where he finished second.

In Andorra, the GasGas Trial Factory Team closes a fruitful season of results in indoor competitions and now sets its sights on outdoor races, with the second round of the Spanish Trial Championship being held in Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra, next weekend and the start of the TrialGP World Championship on the weekend of May 25 and 26 in Pietramurata, Italy.

“In this last event in Andorra, our riders were fighting for third position. Finally, this was for Jeroni, who thanks to another new podium position has ensured direct participation in the next Championship. Today was just not Jaime’s day and he didn’t manage to qualify for the second round and so wasn’t able to fight for the third place alongside Jeroni. Next week we will be competing in the second round of the National Championship, also here in Andorra, and then we will concentrate on training for the TrialGP World Championship starting just one month away in Italy, an outdoor world championship that we will have to prepare well if we want to fight for victory.”

Jeroni Fajado

“I am very happy because this was a crucial weekend to get the third place in the X-Trial World Championship. It not only depended on me, but I wanted to have a good race and get as high as possible. And that’s how it was, with a very hard won third place finish here in Andorra that has allowed me to achieve overall third position of the championship. We finished the season riding well, as in the previous event in Marseilles, which fills us with motivation towards the start of the next TrialGP World Championship, where I am sure we will keep on getting better and better to fight for victory. I want to thank the effort of the whole team and the people who work for this to be possible very much.”

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