Jeroni Fajardo sixth and Busto ninth in Montpellier

The GasGas Trial Factory Team riders fail to repeat the great performance of the opening round of the championship and don’t make it on to the podium in France.

Last night the 2018 X-Trial World Championship got back into gear in Montpellier after the magnificent performances from Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo, second and fourth respectively more than a month ago in Vendée. Torrot’s GasGas Trial Factory Team riders failed to make it to the grand final at the Sud de France Arena where Jeroni Fajardo finished in sixth position and Jaime Busto finished ninth.

A fall in zone 3 forced the Basque rider to change bike midway through the first round. A setback that ended with Busto committing two more mistakes in the last two zones, which prevented him from reaching the semi-final. His teammate, Jeroni Fajardo, had rather better luck in this qualifying round. The rider from Girona classified this round in third position, with only 8 points on his card. But in the next round, where as usual the direction of riding to attack the six zones of the course was reversed, a five from Fajardo on the fifth obstacle left him off the podium and a possible final to end the day in sixth position.

Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo occupy fourth and fifth positions of the X-Trial World Championship that, next Friday, the 19th, is to stage its third event in the French city of Toulouse.


“This second World Championship event was a bit of a disaster for me. I started off highly motivated, but I had a bit of a fright in section 3. The bike fell to the ground and the handlebar moved, so I had to make a quick change to my second bike. I lost my cool and that caused me to make two more mistakes in the last sections and so I could not get through to the next round. It was a shame, but now we have to focus on training hard these coming days to be able to do our very best in the next event, in Toulouse.”



“The truth is that I am a little disappointed with this result in Montpellier. The first round went very well and we were able to qualify with the best score for the second round. In the semi-final, we were going very well until I made a mistake in the fifth section and so we went from being able to get into the final or to being third, to finally finishing sixth. That leaves us with conflicting feelings, because on the one hand we rode well, but on the other, we were unable to finish the job when it mattered. Despite this, I am satisfied with all the team’s work. Now it’s time to prepare for the Toulouse event next weekend.”

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