Jitsie – 100% Trials

Introducing the limited edition Jitsie T3 Kroko gear in khaki/white/red featuring style, function and the true colours of the Kroko 🐊 The final release in our Kroko apparel sets out to break boundaries in trials, pushing design and functionality to a higher level. Watch out for Jitsie riders Franzi Kadlec and Toby Martyn debuting the new colour way this weekend at the TrialGP in Sokolov, Czech Republic. Check out the video on the Jitsie Youtube channel by clicking on the banner below.

Available from Monday September 12th. Find your nearest dealer on the Jitsie website.

The original Gas Gas mudguard is quite fragile and tends to break easily, even without having a crash. The Jitsie R&D team have worked hard to come up with an alternative and here it is! Featuring a flexible and durable plastic compound that guarantees great durability and resistance, the Jitsie rear mudguard also allows for a rear light to be mounted on the bottom side of the mudguard. Jitsie also offers specific mudguard stickers that will work with the original and the Jitsie aftermarket sticker set. For more info about this exciting new product, please visit the Jitsie website or click below on the picture.

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