Jitsie Glow on trial

A perfect day was chosen to test the Jitsie Glow jacket, perfect in the respect that it was raining, cold and the wind was trying to blow me off the side of the bike at my practice venue up on the Cotswolds above Cheltenham!

The features list of the jacket states it was waterproof, windproof but also breathable so you couldn’t have asked for a better day to try and prove them wrong. Whilst unloading the bike from the van the heavens opened so the jacket was quickly donned and the zip easily pulled all the way up to the top of the high collar to see if i would remain dry and warm, and this it did very well even after 20 minutes of very heavy rain.

The arms are a little tighter cut than many other jackets which stops them flapping around in the breeze, and also helps to keep you feeling warm. The wrist adjustment is slightly stretchy so you can get a perfect fit without discomfort and the the previously mentioned high collar also keeps the wind out but it isn’t stiff and abrasive, so it doesn’t rub into your neck during riding. If you want to wear it when not riding the bike a detachable hood is also supplied.

We are all familiar with the problem of riding in waterproof jackets, namely that although the weather is kept out you get so hot inside the jacket you end up just as wet from your own sweat, but i never found that issue with the Glow. The breathable shell seems to do it’s job very well and there are two side/rear vents that can be opened to give extra airflow.

All the zips are well sealed from the elements, after 4 hours of riding I had no tell-tale damp stripes on my shirt when removing the jacket, and the adjustable hem on the bottom of the jacket allowed me to keep it close which stopped splashed water creeping up and over the waistband of my jeans.

I kept my phone in the top chest pocket throughout the whole ride and this was bone dry at the end also, fair to say the jacket lived up to it’s promises from the advertising blurb ! The zips are easily useable with gloves on with their Jitsie logo tabs

The instructions do say to hand wash at no higher than 30 degrees, i did find that the Cotswold clay mud did require an extra wash to completely remove but if you gave the jacket a pre-wash hose down, or brush off as much as you can before the main wash it comes up lovely.

The Glow has performed well for many riders at the SSDT and the Scott Trial, you are not going to find too many harder tests in the trials world. The British winter has now set in and in the three wet rides i have used it in the glow has proved to be a top performer.

The jacket is available in the white/black combination seen here and a red/black version, and is available now through all the usual Jitsie stockists.

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